Learn How to Draw Cartoon People with Step by Step Drawing Lessons

Cartoon people is a great place to start if you are an aspiring artist who hasn't really spent a lot of time working on your ability to draw. Whether you are 5, 50, or 105, you can easily start drawing with cartoons because most drawings are quite simple.

In the past, you may have found that you have been afraid to make the attempt to draw anything because drawing is taken so seriously by a great portion of the art world. However, Charles Schultz didn't become famous from some masterpiece hanging in the Louvre in Paris. His drawings were all human (with the exception of a particular cartoon dog we are all familiar with). As you can see from his and other cartoon artists' fame, drawing cartoons is a perfectly respectable way to break into art.

There are several great aspects of drawing cartoon people that make it so exciting, especially if you've doubted your talent up until now. First of all, you can throw all manner of realism out the window and really get creative. Give your cartoon boy crazy hair or dress your cartoon woman in wacky attire. Let your creativity run free.

In addition, drawing cartoon people can be achieved in just a few steps. Drawing cartoons of any kind requires nothing more than a knowledge of basic shapes and the ability to visualize turning those shapes into body parts, hair, and clothing.

On top of all of these benefits, drawing cartoon people can lead you to greater talent and ability. Should you decide to move on to realism, such as portraits and other forms of drawing, having developed a method of drawing cartoon people will help you better visualize true lines, curves, and angles of the human body. Drawings like this can also open doors to other cartoon drawing styles and types.

Once you've mastered the art of drawing cartoon people, you can easily create your own characters, your own world, and even your own comic strip. Follow up with lessons on other cartoon drawings and build a comic strip worthy of publication.

Drawing cartoon people has never been easier than with these guides to creating personalities in just a few short steps. Pick up a pencil and paper and see for yourself just how easy it is and how successful you can be in creating your own cartoon images. Before you know it, you'll have drawings all over the house!

cartoon heroesDrawing Carton Heroes - Medium
It's time to go back to those trusty simple shapes when you learn how to draw your own bubbly cartoon heroes.
baby cartoon drawingBaby Cartoon Drawing Lesson - Easy
Grab you pencil and get ready to make your own baby cartoon drawing. The cool thing about this cartoon people lesson is that you can change up the expression on his face and his hands position to make all different kinds of cartoon babies.
buddha drawingCartoon Buddha Drawing Lesson - Easy
Use simple shapes to bring this holy figure to life in four simple steps. Learn valuable tips that will help you draw better looking cartoons no matter what it is you are trying to draw.
cartoon personCartoon Person Skeleton Setup - Medium Video!
Learn how to create a basic skeleton for your cartoon characters. Once you have learned how to make this simple skeleton you should be able to start putting your character in different poses more easily.
cartoon kidsCartoon Kids Basic Proportion Information - Easy
Another theory lesson to help you create better looking cartoon kids by knowing how short or tall to make them compared to the other characters in your scene.
cartoon manAdding Personality to Your Character - Medium
This theory lesson will give you some exercises that you can do before you try to create your next character. If you want to make comic strips this should really help you make better, more believable characters.
cartoon facesHow to Draw Cartoon Faces - Easy
Cartoon faces don't have to be hard when you use the approach in this tutorial. Male or female, young or old - the way to draw all of these heads is the same, and once you know it you'll be drawing your own faces with ease.
cartoon chefHow to Draw a Cartoon Chef and Other Characters - Medium
In this lesson you'll take the basic structure, and then add in your own details to create your own custom characters. Use the basic chef body that you'll learn in this lesson to make other 'large' figures like: bakers, politicians, computer nerds or whatever you want. Open up your imagine and have fun with it!
cartoon lipsLearn how to Draw Cartoon Lips - Easy
Sometimes drawing the mouth can seem really difficult, but it's not so hard once you start to understand how to build the lips piece by piece. Follow the instructions and examples on this page to learn how to draw cartoon lips.
cartoon eyesHow to Draw Cartoon Eyes - Easy
There's are many different styles of cartoon eyes. Use the examples on this page to add to your own collection of different eye styles, or even use them as a starting place and then branch off into your own style from there.
cartoon babyA Cute Cartoon Baby - Medium
This lesson will show you how to make a baby that's both cute and cuddly. By using circular and egg shapes as your base you'll create a bubbly effect that really suits the character of a baby.
cartoon monstersDrawing Cartoon Monsters - Medium
He's not exactly scary, and he's definitely not nice! Let your imagine run free as you learn how you can use simple shapes to create a bunch of different and interesting cartoon monsters.
cartoon angelA Sweet Cartoon Angel - Medium
If you've ever wanted to draw a cartoon angel this is the step by step drawing lesson that you've been waiting for! Also included is how to draw wings, simple hands and easy feet. Don't miss this one!
cartoon princessA Snobby Cartoon Princess - Medium
She's snobby, she's snotty, she's the one and only cartoon princess step by step drawing tutorial. Using simple lines and shapes you'll bring to life this ice-queen to be.
cartoon boyDrawing a Cartoon Boy - Medium
Check out this lesson and learn how to draw a cool looking cartoon boy. He's just waiting for you to grab a piece of paper and bring him to cartoon-life.
cartoon womanDrawing a Cartoon Woman - Medium
Use the circle construction method to first create the body shapes of the cartoon woman. Once you have the body constructed you'll finish off the drawing an be left with a happy looking cartoon woman.
cartoon girlCartoon Girl Drawing - Medium
Learn how to make a cute cartoon girl drawing. Learn the basics of this awesome cartoon style that you can then use to make all kinds of different illustrations.
cartoon santaCartoon Santa Drawing - Medium
Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas! Learn how to draw your very own cool cartoon Santa. This drawing isn't as easy as some of the other tutorials, but if you're up to the challenge sharpen your pencil and click!

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