Baby Cartoon How to Draw Lesson

baby cartoon finished image

This cute little baby cartoon drawing is very simple and looks like a lot of fun.  Learn how to draw him and then have fun creating your own baby cartoons!

baby cartoon step 1

Step 1: Basic Circle

Start off by drawing a circle. Remember that the circle is a great starting point for almost any kind of cartoon drawing that you do.  It doesn't matter if it's cartoon people that you're making or cartoon animals, if you can start with a circle it's a really easy way to make that first mark on the page and get started.

baby cartoon step 2

Step 2: Finishing the Face

Now make two semi circles at both the sides of the middle circle to make the rounded cheeks of the baby.  After you've added the cheeks, draw two smaller semi-circles for the little ears and place them on the sides of the bigger semi circles.

baby cartoon step 3



Step 3: Adding the Body
The next step in your baby cartoon drawing is to draw two small circles overlapping each other and just barely touching the lower edge of the face circle of the baby. This will be giving shape to the body of the baby.

baby cartoon step 4


Step 4: Cleanup and Details
Start off by erasing all the extra lines in the body and face of the baby from the previous steps. Look closely at the step 4 image to see which lines need to be removed.
Next add two curved lines at the top of the head to create two small strands of hair on the baby cartoon.

After that you'll need to add in the two circles which will be the eyes .Within each eye you can add the shape for the little black dot in the middle.  To add a little extra detail notice that the black dot isn't a perfect circle.  The shape of the dot has been changed to show some highlight on the eye and this will make your baby even cuter.  Over each eye add a rounded line for the eyebrows.

Keep checking the example to see the placement and the size of the various shapes that you are drawing.

Lastly you can draw the mouth, which looks like a fancy "D" shape that has been rotated ninety degrees in the clockwise direction, and then within that shape there's a little tear drop shape that will eventually become the red part of the mouth.

baby cartoon step 5

Step 5: Arms and Legs
In this step you'll make the rest of the body.
From the lower circle of the body-draw two slightly curved lines from either side, to make the spread out legs of the baby cartoon, with an oval at the end, for the foot.

Now we come to the placement of the hands.
From the top of the upper circle part of the body, draw four lines; two each from either side of the circle-towards the inside of the body circle.  Again at the end of the two lines there will be a small circle for the hand of the baby.

baby cartoon step 6


Step 6: Fingers and Toes
In this step we make the five toes in each foot and five fingers in each hand-as shown in the example.  They're really not that hard to draw, so don't beat yourself up about the fact that you think you can't draw hands and feet.  Just draw some curves for the fingers and toes and then you're on the last step!


baby cartoon step 7


Step 7: Finishing Up
Here we remove all the extra lines from the hands and the feet and then draw a few simple lines to create the diaper of the baby. That's it - you're all done! 

For an extra challenge try drawing the baby again, but this time change the position of the hands so they are stretched out from the baby and change the expression on his face and eyebrows to create all kinds of variations on your baby cartoon!


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