How to Draw Flowers and Trees
Techniques and Lessons

Learning how to draw flowers is one of the most popular topics for both new and experienced artists. This page will give you general info that you can use to help with your own drawings as well as specific lessons at the bottom of the page for more focused study.

Where to Start When
Drawing a Flower

It's best to consider the flower from the inside out. What that means is that you'll start at the bud, or center of the flower and work your way outwards to the petals and then finally to the stem and leaves. It is important to have a technique or method that you can follow each time you draw a new flower because over time you'll become better at this technique and your drawings will become easier.

It is always easier to follow a formula than to reinvent the wheel every time.

Sometimes the middle of the flower may be hidden from view by the leaves or petals and when this happens it up to you to use your imagination and reference images to draw out the entire middle part before moving on to drawing the petals. This helps to train your mind to draw what you see and also to think through how the flower is made.

This skill of being able to "see more than what is there" and "think through an object" is very important as you develop as an artist so do your best to take this seriously and practice as much as possible. Like any other skill, the more you work at it the easier it will become in the better your results will be.

How to Draw Flower Petals

There's no real trick to drawing this part of the flower. Always try to remember that are flower is a three-dimensional form that is often arranged in a circular or cylindrical way. As you look at pictures of flowers start to become more aware of how the petals look from different angles. Do not get discouraged if the petals seem really hard to draw at first - the more you work at it the better you'll get.

The Stem and Leaves

This is the easiest part when learning how to draw flowers. The stem is generally just two slightly curved lines. You can apply the same knowledge that you learned while drawing the petals to draw any leaves coming off of the stem.

The following lessons contain more in-depth information about how to draw flowers and trees.

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lotus flower drawingLotus Flower Drawing - >Medium
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