Drawing Cartoon Flowers
Has Never Been Easier

Cartoon flowers are popular to doodle while you're bored or talking on the phone. We're going to learn the method behind this often-sketched plant. There are few things easier to perfect in just a couple of steps, so here we go.

cartoon flowers step 1Step One: Circles
That doesn't sound hard, does it? Your flowers begin with just that - two simple circles placed a bit apart as the center of your flowers. Are you ready to move on to something harder?

cartoon flowers step 2Step Two: Flower Petals
Gee, could this really get any easier? These flower cartoons are going to each have five petals, though you can try variations later. Petals are basically ovals with one end cut off, so you may try drawing five ovals around each circle with one end overlapping the circle. All the ovals should touch. Remember to draw lightly so when you are finished, you can erase the unwanted parts of the ovals. You should now have the bloom of the cartoon flowers complete.


cartoon flowers step 3 Step Three: Stalks or Stems*
I bet you're breezing through this lesson! The next part of the cartoon flowers to get on paper is the stalks. These are basically going to have a slight arc to them and meet in the middle. You don't want the two flowers to have the exact same stalks, so be creative. Start with a single arc from each, letting them meet at the bottom. Then draw the second line to give your stalks a little thickness. Believe it or not, your cartoon flowers are almost done.

*The flower stalk has the same meaning as the flower stem.

cartoon flowers step 4

Step Four: Leaves and Grass
It's time to put the finishing touches on your flowers. The leaves are simple tear drop shapes on either side of the stalk. The pointy part obviously points away from the stalk. Make sure these are not at the exact same height and aren't the same size. Draw more tear shapes to make leaves and don't be afraid to vary the look of the tear drop.

For the grass, start with a small curve on the bottom from left to right. On top of this, draw a big starburst, so that the leaves of grass stick up randomly. Erase any part of the stalks that is below the grass.

Your drawing is finally complete. Try making some changes next time, with a different number of petals or petals that are a different shape. In the meantime, add some bright colors to this drawing and be confident that, with a pencil and a few instructions, you are ready for something much more complex!

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