Art Supplies Guide and Recommendations

Art supplies are something that we all need to make our drawings. Sure, you can use a generic pencil or ball point pen, but once your skill has improved even a little you'll want to upgrade and get some real tools to use.

The result of upgrading your supplies is your drawings should instantly improve. Don't believe me? Well, I dare you to go from the post-it notes and rickety Bic pen that you've been using to doodle while on the telephone and get your hands on a set of Prismacolor drawing pencils. The best part about upgrading is that it doesn't have to break the bank if you know where to look when adding to your collection of art supplies.

If you've already read enough you can jump into the supplies right now!

Art supplies are the tools that will make you shine. I'm not saying that you need to buy the most expensive pencil out there, which happens to have an inset diamond and costs more than $2000, but you need some decent tools to work with. The type of artist you are will help determine the type of art supplies that you need to achieve your goals and create art the way you want to.

Why Buy Online VS Offline?

In a nutshell, if you buy your art supplies online you'll receive all of the following benefits:

• Lower cost
• Better selection
did I mention LOWER COST?

The old saying 'the starving artist' is actually quite true, so if there's an opportunity to save a few bucks it means a lot. Online stores don't need to pay rent for their shop space and these savings are passed directly onto you, the customer!

The online art store also has the benefit of serving a whole lot more people than traditional offline stores. This means that the online store can bulk-purchase their supplies at a discounted price and give the benefit of those savings once again to you so that you won't have the painful 'starving artist' decisions that you had to make before the internet was around.

Hmmmm do I buy those pencils that I really need and skip lunch because I'll be broke? Thankfully this inner dialogue shouldn't need to take place anymore!

The Basics

The kind of art that you make will determine what kind of materials you'll need but when it comes to drawing here's a quick list of the basics: pencils, pens, charcoal, crayons, erasers, paper, rulers, paper stump, and an artist table or workbench. A drawing table may seem a bit weird because you can't make a mark on a paper with it but all of us need a good place to create our work, so when you're able, upgrade to a professional setup - you won't be sorry.

When I was starting out in my art career there was no art supply store where I lived. This really cramped my style, but thankfully if your situation is similar I've hunted around the net and have found THE BEST place for nearly everything art related. Their selection is amazing selection and also very affordable.... How affordable you ask?

For less than $12 you could get a fantastic beginner pencil drawing kit which contains:

• 10 multi-pastel pencils in assorted colors
• 4 charcoal pencils (HB, 2B, 4B, and 6B)
• 1 charcoal white pencil
• 2 flat sketching pencils
• 1 extra soft Kimberly Drawing Pencil
• 1 layout pencil
• 1 kneaded eraser
• 1 pencil sharpener

Trust me when I assure you that this is an amazing value and should give you more than enough drawing tools to really let your imagination fly and discover a whole bunch of new drawing techniques that you would never be able to access with your old supplies.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your beginner drawing kit immediately!

If you're a little more advanced all of the art supplies you need are also online for you to look at and it doesn't stop at just drawing materials. There's also a huge selection of... well to be frank with you, there's a HUGE selection of absolutely everything art related, whatever you may need.

Here's a list of some of my personal favorite drawing tools:

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Finding Discounted Art Materials
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Watercolor Pencils
Don't confuse these with pencil crayons as they're a lot more versatile. The trick with these is to add a little water to your drawings and then let your creativity take over.
Electric Pencil Sharpener
I was pleasantly surprised when I added an electric pencil sharpener to my collection of art tools. It's quick, it's painless and it gives you an amazingly sharp pencil.
Drawing Drafting Table
Having a good surface to draw on is important. A drafting table is especially useful for this because you can tilt it at many different angles and even get special attachments for it that will provide tools to help draw straight lines, better lighting and even a magnification glass.
Airbrush Paint Guide
In this article you'll learn what types of airbrush paint are available and which paint is the best choice for the type of art that you want to create.
Easels for Drawing or Painting
As you progress from beginner to intermediate artist you'll likely want to invest in an easel. Here's the info you'll need to help in choosing your first easel.
Airbrush Kits
Airbrushing is just cool. From portrait art, to t-shirts and cars, airbrushed art is all over the place. If you're interested in getting started into airbrushing don't miss this article which will show you what kind of materials you can get all together in one all-purpose kit.
Calligraphy Pens
Before you think that these pens aren't art tools, take a second and consider that anything you can use to put a mark on something could be an art tool. Learn about the different kinds of works that you can make with these special pens.
Sharpie Markers
These markers are great for drawing cartoons and comic book style artwork.
Removing Permanent Marker
To go along with the Sharpie Marker page, this how-to article will give you pointers about how you can remove those pesky marker stains from your clothes.

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