Airbrush Kits Give you Everything
You Need to Make Cool Airbrush Art

Airbrush kits are a great way to get started if you're ready to get going in the world of airbrush art. Whether you want to create cool t-shirts or paint some cool designs on your car you can really get everything you need all contained on one nice little package. From the compressor to the gun and paints, the packages that are available are totally complete.

You can even get beginner kits that have t-shirts, stencils and an instructional DVD on how to use the equipment and create awesome artwork. This is a great way to learn how to use an airbrush in the comfort of your own home or studio and make fabulous and creative art and designs.

There are different kits available to suit most every need and skill level; all you have to do is find the one that is right for you. If you've used an airbrush at school or work, or even if you've never used one before there are airbrush kits out there to perfectly suit your needs.

Here's a look at what kind of goodies are included with a beginner's airbrush kit available online right now:

  • A Badger Model 175-7 Anthem Crescendo Airbrush with 3 nozzles
  • A Badger 180-10 Whirlwind Compressor
  • 18 AirTex colors
  • 6 Neon Fabric colors
  • Pre-made stencils
  • A jar with adapter
  • 2 additional jars with covers
  • A braided air hose with varying air source fitting
  • A ΒΌ oz color cup
  • AirTex cleaner
  • A stencil knife
  • An airbrush holder
  • An XL adult T-shirt
  • A large children's T-shirt
  • 15 fast blast adapters
  • An instructional DVD

Here's some more info to help you choose the kit that's right for you...

Some airbrushes are single action and some are duel action. Basically what this means is that the single action brush has only one trigger that is depressed to release a certain amount of fluid (paint) to be sprayed. If you need to regulate the amount of fluid that is sprayed, you need to do so with an adjustment screw that is at the back of the handle.

Dual action brushes have two triggers, one that allows for the air and another that allows for the color. These are usually slightly more expensive. However, many artists prefer them because they allow you to change the range of value, the opacity of the paint without stopping to adjust the airbrush gun. You can even adjust the width of the line on the fly. They are great for all artists and almost a necessity for the pro airbrush artist.

Many airbrushes can cost $50-60 and up but you can get a great deal when you buy airbrush kits and get the airbrush as well as paint and many other great accessories that you need to completing a nice airbrush art piece. If you do not have a craft or art supply store near you to purchase a kit from, there are many great airbrush kits online that you can easily order.

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