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So you want to learn some new drawing techniques? Let me share with you some of the things that I do when I am drawing. There are many different ways to draw, and all of them are related somehow. The end result is always putting a mark on another object.

How you choose to draw may be completely different than the way I do it - but don't think that there is some problem with your method. Use what works best for you. As I said above, I am going to teach you some of the drawing techniques that I use. I will also teach you additional tips and techniques that I don't regularly use, but I'm sure you can add to your little bag of drawing tricks.

I sincerely hope that your ability to grow in leaps and bounds by reading the free information that I am providing. I'll do my best to keep adding to this page as I am able to, and also as I learn new ways of doing things. Enjoy!

Steps on How to Draw a New Picture
When you approach a new drawing there are a few things that you should always consider that will help your workflow and end result immensely

What is it, where does it come from?! Creativity is one of the most important parts of being an artist, and if you are like me, that's the whole attraction to art - we get to use our minds to create new things. Learn about the creative process and some exercises to improve your creative ability.

Drawing Ideas
If the Creativity information wasn't enough to get you rolling, check out these drawing ideas. Nothing is more frustrating than when you seem to hit a dry spell. Let me try and help you out of the slump and come out swinging!

Gesture Drawing
Learn how and why gesture drawing is important to your development as an artist. This is one of the first drawing techniques that you usually learn in art school.

Ink Drawing
Learn about the history if ink drawing and the different types of inks that are available to artists today and in the past.

For whatever reason, sketching comes easily and naturally to me. This is one of the most powerful ways of drawing that I use. Sketching allows me to do more in less time, with better results. Let me show you how I do this.

This basic introduction to shading will help you to begin to add the depth to your drawings that they need to really POP out of the page.

Abstract Drawing
If you are looking for a new outlet for creative ability and you haven't ever done an abstract drawing, read this article now!

Pastel Drawing
Info on the tools and technique of pastel drawing.

Fashion Drawing
Learn about fashion drawing and how to balance your artistic vision in order to produce best results for the clothing that you are trying to market.

Drawing Theory
This is my personal theory and approach towards drawing.

Technical Drawing
This guide will tell you what tech drawing is and isn't. Mainly used for architectural and engineering drawings, the field of technical illustration has wide-spread application to all forms of drawing and can be a quite lucrative profession.

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