What You Need to Consider
When Creating Tattoo Drawings

Tattoo drawings are something that you may or may not have considered, but as your skills improve, I'm sure your friends will begin to ask you to design some tattoos for them as well. If you think I'm crazy, don't. Once word gets out that you have some good skills you'll be surprised what kind of art related things people will want you to do. I've drawn more than a few drawings for tattoos in my life and here are some pointers that I've picked up along the way.

It's safe to say that every great tattoo comes first from a great tattoo drawing. No matter what you may think of tattoos personally always remember and keep in your mind that this tattoo is very important to the person who is getting it, and you should feel honored that they want to let you use their body as your canvas. A walking, breathing, talking canvas showing your work - how cool is that? They will be wearing this permanent ink forever on their bodies so you need to take this into careful consideration when doing tattoo drawings.

drawing tatsWill This Be For Yourself or Someone Else?
If it is for someone else, you will want to have their valuable input. When they describe what they want, they may have one version of what it looks like in their head where you may have another. Work with them for as long as it takes to meet somewhere that you as the artist are proud to creat and they as the canvas are proud to wear. The goal here is for both parties to feel good about the finished tattoo.

If that tattoo is for yourself, I suggest before you run off to the tattoo parlor that you get at least a few second opinions from people. If you're anything like me and you're a bit of a perfectionist a second opinion may give you the confidence that you need to actually get it inked. It's also a good idea if you run the design past a few friends in your art circle and get opinions from them as well.

We've all seen more than a few 'Bad Tattoos' and I'd hate to see you become a statistic like the rest of those poor suckers.

Don't be Afraid to Say 'NO!'
Making tattoo drawings for people is an honor, but if you're not confident in your work don't feel bad to say that you're not happy with your work and don't want to give them your drawing. Trust me that whoever you are doing the tattoo for will be happier in the long run, and you'll never have to be constantly reminded of the shoddy job you did every time that you're at the beach and see the garbage tattoo that your friend is wearing on his back.

What to Draw?
After you've thought about the tattoo and thought about where it will be applied on the body it's time to get down to work. Here are a few popular tattoo themes to consider: Celtic designs, tribal tattoos, dragon tattoos and custom tattoos.

When creating custom tattoo drawings, it's important that you spend time with the person getting the tattoo to get an idea what they might like. Many people choose original and custom tattoos because they want something special and unique on their body.

My Best Advice to You

Find and look at a good collection of tattoos before you start to draw anything. By seeing what else is out there you'll find inspiration and have a huge advantage to make your next tattoo a real winner. Avoid this advice if you want your tattoo drawings to suck, but I know that you're smarter than that.

(Don't become another 'Bad Tattoo' Statistic like those other suckers!

Things to Consider When Designing a Female Tattoo
If you're drawing a tattoo for your female friend, take a moment to look over the info here to make sure that the design you're making is something worth wearing for a lifetime.

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