Drawing for Female Tattoos
and Things to Consider

Female tattoos are just as popular as male tattoos these days.

- What kinds of tattoos are popular for females?
- Are more women going for color tattoos, or black and white ones?
- Are they getting big ones or small ones?
- Is there a certain part of the body that is preferred for females?

Those questions aside, let's get into the drawing side of things here...

What kind of imagery generally appeals to the tattooed female? There are so many different styles of tattoos it can be hard to choose.

While it once was traditional for women to get small tattoos, these days large, public tattoos are not uncommon.

Advice on Drawing Tattoos, Especially for Women

If you are creating the drawing for this tattoo you should consider the significance of the image to the person. Once you know this, then you can create your drawing accordingly and try to include some connection to the significance both hidden and obvious.

When I say hidden in the above paragraph I am referring to symbolic elements that have more meaning behind them than just the image. I've found that females especially appreciate these little details and it also makes the tattoo more intriguing because there are additional 'meanings' behind the image that might take a little closer inspection to see.

Many women enjoy color tattoos over plain black and white ones and they often get hearts and flowers in their tattoos. Most women choose to get a tattoo that is personally significant to them in a big way. They may choose the names and initials of their children, a lover or spouse or even mother or father. Sometimes, they choose their female tattoos as a way to commemorate someone who has passed away.

If you're designing a tattoo for someone you would do good to keep the pointers in the above paragraph in your mind.


Where are the Popular Spots for Tattoos?

Some of the most popular places on the body for tattoos on a woman are the lower back, upper back, ankle, foot, belly or lower pelvic area and the thigh. This is not to limit the tattoos to only this area, however. Many women are also getting tribal tattoos and arm-band tattoos that wrap around the upper arm.

These days the most popular spot for female tattoos is on the lower back, just above where low-rise pants would fall. This coincides with the natural curves of a woman and it also goes well with new fashion trends like low-rider jeans that really show off this type of tattoo.

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