What you Need to Know About
Buying and Using a Calligraphy Pen

Can a calligraphy pen be used to create art? If you're about to say no, I understand, but stick with me here and I'll try and show you why you shouldn't immediately discount this art tool.

I'll admit that calligraphy was forced on me. I didn't think that I could really do much with these pens, but what I found was that they're actually quite unique in the results that you can get. I tend to be very controlling and detailed in my art, but when you use a calligraphy pen you have to let go of your inner control-freak as you can't be as precise as you can with pencil or pen and ink. Sure, the shape of the pen is the same, but the width of the ink lines is where you find the magic of these special pens. This allows random chance to enter into your artwork which can be a really great thing.

Remember that there's nothing saying that you MUST only use your art tools to create fancy numbers and letters. You're an artist - live outside the box.

Calligraphy is art and words combined. It's like traditional drawing because it is not just about spelling or writing but instead is a type of artistry itself. There are calligraphy guilds in the United States and all over the world that are dedicated to teaching and preserving this ancient art.

This ancient art is fancy, decorative writing. It's often used in hand-crafted invitations and thank you cards as well as other commemorative documents such as a framed poem or framed award.

Names on certificates are often done in calligraphy for added effect - I call this 'the Official Effect' because it looks very 'Official.' You can't use a regular pen for this effect because regular pens such as ball point pens have a fine point unlike the flat-edged quill pens of ancient times, which makes it impossible for a regular pen to demonstrate the fancy curves and lines needed in calligraphy. That's why special pens are designed that allow you to do that.

If you want to do calligraphy, it is much easier to learn with a nice calligraphy pen. When purchasing a calligraphy pen, you need to consider what type to get. There are many different pen tips, most of which will create a different effect when you use them. There are certain tips that are designed for people who are new to calligraphy or just learning to do it. These are the ones you want if you are new to this. You can upgrade to a more advanced pen tips later if you want to.

You should also consider getting an instructional video or manual to show you how to properly use it and in no time at all you can be making your own beautiful text art.

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