The Benefits of Using
Electric Pencil Sharpeners

Sharpie markers are great drawings tools but perhaps you've never heard of anyone using them as art tools. Furthermore, how can you use these markers for your own drawings?

Let me give you a hint - think comic books, graffiti, and other art forms that thrive on beautiful dark solid black lines.

This type of drawing leaves great looking black lines just like in comic books. The ink is permanent, so you know that the drawing will stay clear because it won't smudge. It's also great for drawing quickly and for people who love to doodle.

Drawing with Sharpie markers is a little different than pencil drawing because it is ink based and you can't erase. Don't let this scare you however, because you can use white-out pens to draw white over any small mistakes that you might make or want to change.

sharpie markersThese markers are good for cartoon drawing, comic book inking and caricatures. Artists who specialize in these types of drawing will probably find that they enjoy the smooth, bold feel of using a Sharpie. These are not the only people that are using Sharpies for drawing...

They're also used by web designers, architects and other people that need to communicate visually.

Ink drawing is also great for when you are just sketching and you don't want to have to worry about the fine lines and details. Using one of the fatter, broader tip markers you can draw your concept really freely because you'll only be able to focus on defining the broader shapesand shadowed areas.

The best part about drawing with these markers is that they now come in many great colors for you to choose from. You have a wide rainbow of colors to choose from for your drawings so you can be as creative as you want.

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One thing that you should be aware of is that they can bleed through the paper onto your drawing surface or even worse, onto your clothing!

To solve this, simply placing a piece of cardboard or newspapers below the paper you are drawing on and you should have no problems. If you have an art board that you don't mind getting a little stained that will work also.

If you do end up getting some permanent marker onto your clothes, you can find some tips on removing permanent marker here.

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