How to Find Discount Art Supplies

Discount art supplies can be found online every day. You buy online, you buy in bulk, and you buy on sale, but is it possible to save even MORE money?

And while you're saving money wouldn't it be great if you could do it without sacrificing quality? I'm happy to say that it's totally possible! Cheaper art supplies, and not just junk that companies are trying to get rid of to make way for new stock.

Let's cut to the chase...


Dickblick has a great clearance section that allows you to get fabulous art supplies at lowered prices. You can find this section of their site by clicking HERE. Go and take a look for yourself! Don't be surprised to see things at 50-70% discount!

Remember that these items are limited quality, so if you see something you like it's best to get it right then and there because next time you look at the clearance page the item may have been removed. - Online Art Supplies Another place that you can look is their deals of the week section. Click on the image to the left to go and see what's on sale this week.


Some art supplies are seasonal so if you are looking for something in particular or something that is a seasonal item, you need to be sure you check in advance or purchase extra when it is available or you may miss out on the items that you want. Seasonal items often go on sale at the end of the season and when a new season is starting, such as from Fall to Winter or Winter to Spring. This is a great time to stock up on your favorite seasonal items while they are on a discount.

When shopping for great discount art supplies, look for brands that you already know and trust and that you have used before but just at lower, cheaper prices. Often a store will have a discount sale when the seasons end (as we discussed before) or when they need to clear out old stock of items to make room for new items. This is the great time for a savvy shopper to jump in and snag a deal and save some cash.

How I Shop
When I do this myself I usually write out the items that I want to buy on a piece of paper and tape that paper to the side of my computer monitor. That way every time I sit at the computer I'll be reminded to check the prices of these items to make sure that when a sale happens I'm ready to jump on it and save myself some money.

Mailing Lists
Another strategy that I offer to you is to join the mailing lists of online art retailers so that when they have a sale, for example a back to school or Christmas sale, you'll be the first to know about what items are on sale and can purchase your discount art supplies.

Happy Shopping!

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