How to Draw Cartoon Trees

cartoon trees

Cartoon trees aren't nearly as hard to draw as real trees. Once you stop worrying about all the little details and the shading and just focus on the basic form of the tree it's actually quite an easy shape to create. This is a basic drawing of a tree - if you can learn to make this kind of a tree, you can use it in any number of scenarios. It's very simple and easy to make. It is extremely easy to make so you can get your pencils out and get started!

cartoon trees step 1

STEP-1: Making the Basic Shapes
Make an oval with a vertical rectangle below it and not overlapping but just touching the base of the circle. Then add a narrower horizontal rectangle at the base of the bigger rectangle.

The basic shape of the tree is done, and believe it or not - getting this first step right is really the hardest part about drawing cartoon trees. Everything else will be a piece of cake!

Remember! Draw lightly during this step so you can erase these guide lines later.

cartoon trees step 2

STEP-2: The Leaves Outline
In this step add small curving lines all around the big oval of the tree to create an interesting shape for the leaves.

If you find this step a little difficult just practice making bumpy shapes with your pencil. After 10 minutes of practicing how to control your pencil to make these bumps you should be ready to jump back in and finish off this step of how to draw cartoon trees.

cartoon trees step 3


STEP-3: Developing the Bush of the Tree
Here you must erase all the extra lines of the circle of the tree-now that you have the basic shape of the tree done in small curves. Hopefully you remember to draw lightly when you were making the guide lines in step 1, so the erasing should be quick and easy. If not - don't be afraid to start again and try drawing lighter.

Lastly, add another line of small curves inside the shape of the tree, to give it more depth.

cartoon trees step 4

STEP-4: Finishing he wings and the feet
Add some more lines of curves-you can follow the example given for the placement of these new curves or you can make random new ones.

In a tree it really doesn't make much difference where you put these lines, as long as the basic foliage is made. You can experiment with different kinds of lines and placements, or just follow along with the example here.

cartoon trees step 5


STEP-5: Tackle the Trunk!
In this step you come to the trunk of the tree which has been a simple rectangle till now. Follow the example and make the slightly curving lines for the trunk and the branches moving up into the leaves. They should be following the lines of the rectangle of the trunk rather closely.

cartoon trees step 6


STEP-6: Finishing Your Cartoon Trees
In this last step you will remove all the extra lines from the trunk and then add some jagged lines for the texture of the trunk and a few slightly curved lines to further define the lines. Now you know how to draw cartoon trees into your drawings!




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