Drawing a Happy Cartoon Flower

Cartoon Flower Drawing








This sweet little cartoon flower is quite easy to make and you will learn how to draw it using very few lines and some basic shapes. 

Cartoon Flower Drawing Step 1

Step 1 – Basic Circle
Start your cartoon rose drawing off by making a circle.  Circles form the basis of so many drawings, so no matter what subject matter you are approaching, there's a good chance that you can use circles to lay out the basic shapes before moving into adding more details.

Cartoon Flower Drawing Step 2

Step 2 – Adding Petals
Make two curving lines starting from the sides of the circle and join them in a point upwards in the middle, so that it looks as though the circle is wearing a hat...

Use more curved lines to create the other petals along the sides of the circle.  If you want your drawing to look exactly like the one on this page please make sure that the petals of your cartoon flower are slightly curving and pointed like in the example.

Cartoon Flower Drawing Step 3

Step 3 – Finishing the Petals
Please remove the extra lines from the initial circle and add some more lines above the existing petals to make it seem like an unopened bud.  There's no magic to making these - they're just more curved lines.  Look closely at the example and you'll get it easily.

Cartoon Flower Drawing Step 4


Step 4 – Petal Details
Now we come to the lower part of the cartoon flower...there you have to make little curves like the frill of a skirt, double frill to be exact and please follow the example for the right placement of the frill.

Cartoon Flower Drawing Step 5


Step 5 - Adding the Stems and Leaves
In this step we add the stem of the flower. Just draw a simple double line that is attached at the bottom.

Once you have the placement of the stem done you can move to the two leaves on either side of the stem.  I find that it's easiest to draw this leaf shape (which also looks like a tear drop shape) if you draw it in two different curve strokes instead of trying to draw the entire shape with just one movement of your pen or pencil. 

Lastly, add the little lines as shown in the example to mark the veins in the leaves.

Cartoon Flower Drawing Step 6


Step 6 - Finishing the face
The basic shape of the cartoon flower has been completed.  The only thing left is the face.
Draw two small circles for the eyes and within those add two smaller circles for the white dots that will create the highlights of the eyes.  Make sure to add the two curving lashes at the top of each eye to make your cartoon rose even cuter.

The very last step is for you to make a "U" shape with a line on top of it to complete the mouth.  On the inside of the mouth don't forget to add a little area that you can color red to make the inside of the mouth, and you're all done!


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