How to Draw a Cuddly Cartoon Baby

cartoon baby finished image

Drawing a cartoon baby is easy to do. Follow these simple steps and learn how.

cartoon baby step 1 When you start your drawing, you may wonder how you can make him or her appear all cuddly and cute, like a real baby would be. The trick to drawing a squeezable baby is to use of egg-shaped pieces. Are you ready to get started?

Step One: Head and Body
Your 'egg headed' baby is going to start out very simply with two egg shapes. The first will stand up, with the bottom being slightly flat. The second will lie on its side, with the pointier top overlapping the bottom of your first egg.

cartoon baby step 2

Step Two: Ears and Limbs
The limbs of your cartoon baby at this point are going to resemble stubs with no hands or feet - don't worry about it.

At the lower left-hand point where the head and body overlap, draw a thin, upside down egg. On the back end of the body, do the same. Also, make sure the tip of the egg points slightly in toward the body. In the center of your "body"; egg, draw a smaller oval.

For the ears, you'll draw a "C"; shape on either side of the head "egg";, with the one on the left side of the page sticking out further than the one on the right.

cartoon baby step 3

Step 3: Eyes and Diaper
Now it's time to give your cartoon baby some gigantic eyes. Between the two ears in the middle of your egghead, you'll draw two large circles, with the one to the right just a bit higher than the other - your cartoon baby will be looking off to the side a bit.

To draw pupils, draw "C"; shapes lying on their backs inside the top of each of those circles. Above the eyes, draw two slanted lines for raised eyebrows. You now have a curious cartoon baby.

For the diaper, draw an arc that resembles a shallow backward "C"; starting where the back leg crosses over the body. Complete the diaper with another backward "C"; bumping out of the back of the baby and touching the top of the leg.

NOTE: In the next step you'll erase some of your original lines in step 3. It's a good idea to erase these lines first before moving the step 4.

cartoon baby step 4Step 4: Face and Feet
Your cartoon baby now has eyes but no face, so let's keep going. The nose is a simple curved line from left to right, and the mouth is similar, with the top line copying the angle of the nose arc (only a little wider) and the bottom line being a shorter, deeper arc.

To finish out this original stub of a leg, you'll start by adding another oval lying on its side, curving straight into the bottom round portion of the existing stump. On the other end of the new oval, you'll make tiny bumps for the toes.

To complete a second back leg, you'll simply draw a small curved "L"; shape from the belly of the egg body to just above where the knee will be on the other leg. "waves"; for toes and add an extra bump for a heel at the top. Add a couple of unruly strands of hair coming out of the head, and you are almost done.

cartoon baby step 5Step 5: Finishing the Arms
Start with the left arm. Add a shallow arc that curves to the left from the top right of your oval, and then we'll build a hand. The fingers are created by simply drawing a curvy "W"; with 3 humps instead of just two, and an extra little curve to the side acts as a thumb.

For the other hand, we'll draw two more ovals, one large one starting at the base of the arm and going left and a smaller one going to the right. Curve a line like the angle of the oval on the left to divide out another finger.

Now, you are ready to erase extra lines and overlaps. Once you've done that, you can color your new cartoon baby to indicate if "it's a girl!"; or "it's a boy!";

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