Drawing her Royal Highness
the Cartoon Princess

cartoon princess drawingDrawing a cartoon princess will be a breeze if you've been through the other lessons.

However, for those who struggle a bit with creativity and imagination, all you need to do is follow these five steps on your way to a royal success.



cartoon princess st1

Step 1 - The Head and Body
As usual, we are going to start our drawing with some basic shapes. Your head will be an oval, almost completely round but not quite. It's going to literally float above our body for now.

To create the body, we're going to get a little creative with our lines. We'll have two slightly curved arcs that face right, joining at the top with another curved line. At the bottom of these two arcs, we're going to have little "hooks" that resemble stick feet pointing in opposite directions. This odd shape will turn into a dress in the next step, so let's move on.


cartoon princess  st2


Step 2 - The Neckline and Face
Okay, now let's connect the head and body with a neck before people think our cartoon princess has been decapitated! From the bottom of the head, we're going to draw two lines to make the neck. For the neckline on the dress, draw a dip of an arc starting just outside the spot where the neck touches the body.

At the bottom of what is now a dress, use a cloud-like line to connect our two hooks on either side.

Now, let's start the face. The eyes begin simply with two even circles about halfway between the top and bottom of our head. Closer to the left eye (on the right side of your page), and just below, we'll draw a sideways "V" at a wide angle to give our cartoon princess a nose.


cartoon princess st3 Step 3 - Skinny Arms and Legs
We'll do more than arms and legs here, but this is the main addition. Arms should be quite thin and angle out away from the body, beginning at the shoulder. Legs are going to start thin at the skirt line and come almost to a point where the ankle will be. To make our cartoon princess feminine, we need to give her breasts, using small "L" shapes on her chest.

Now, we're going to work more on the face. Just below the nose, we're going to create an upper lip, using a rounded "M" shape.

Then, we'll look back at the eyes. Above our circles, we need slash marks for eyebrows, and inside, we need a centered dot for a pupil with a "U" shape for an eyelid. She's looking pretty ugly right now, but we'll fix that in the next step.

A "C" becomes an ear on her right, our left.


cartoon princess st4 Step 4 - Hands, Hair and Feet fit for a Queen
We're almost done drawing this cartoon princess. Some people think that drawing hands and feet are hard, but if you follow this step you'll know how to draw them easily.

Just above the eyebrows, we're going to draw an arc that is going to cut off the top of our head. We'll double this line to create the crown. From each corner of the crown, we are going to begin the hair, a simple cloudlike object that "curls" out from each side of the head. Finish the face with an arc for the bottom lip and a line through the middle of the mouth.

The fingers are formed with simple "Vs", and the feet are just small and pointy triangle shapes. I told you they weren't hard to draw!




Step 5 - The Crowning Moment
Atop the crown, add bobbles and jewels of your choice to make our cartoon princess regal, and top off the hair with a single lump or another cloud bump. Your cartoon princess is now ready to take her throne!






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