How to Draw Cartoon Heroes
Using Simple Shapes

cartoon heroes drawing

Cartoon heroes are easy to draw using a bunch of circles and ovals to capture their exaggerated muscles. Follow along and give it a try for yourself!

Cartoon Heroes St1Step 1 - Body, Head & Legs

First draw the torso with a rounded upside down triangle shape, and place the head on top with a simple oval. Two elongated oval shapes, tilted slightly inward will make the legs. Try and match the placement like the example as closely as possible, and remember to draw lightly at this beginning stage of the drawing so that you can easily erase any unnecessary guidelines later.


Cartoon Heroes St2




Step 2 - Arms & Muscles

Exaggerate the Super hero's shoulders with two large circles on the upper corners of the triangle torso. Two ovals similar to those you drew for the legs will make the forearms. Add two small ovals for the feet.



Cartoon Heroes St3Step 3 - Hands, Upper Arms, Cape

First add simple curves to connect the shoulder circles to the forearm shapes. This is a really simple way to construct a cartoony and muscled arm. Two more easy circular shapes will make the Super hero's hands.

Once that's done, add a few lines running down from the forearms of our cartoon hero and then angling over to the legs to form the cape. Two more small circles just above the shoulders will make the top of the cape. Add a few lines as shown to form a neck and upper arms.


Cartoon Heroes St4Step 4 - Final Details

Use some short curved lines to indicate the sleeve length on the arms and the top of the boots on the legs. Draw a triangle on the chest with a smaller triangle within it to create a logo for your cartoon hero. Feel free to create your own logo of whatever design you like. Now add details to the face - some half circles for the mask holes and two filled circles for eyes. A "U" shape forms the mouth, with a few more curved lines for the dimples.

Once you have all the lines finished off remember to go back and erase any unnecessary guidelines that are left over from the earlier steps.



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