Drawing a Cartoon Woman
in Five Steps

cartoon womanA cartoon woman is a little harder to create than some other images because they are more rounded than angular, but with a little practice, you can build a cute woman in five easy steps. Grab a pencil and a piece of paper, and let's give it a go.



cartoon woman step 1Step 1 - The Base
We'll create the body structure first. The head is shaped like an upside down egg, not quite round and not quite oval. The thinner part will be at the base by the neck. The neck is shaped like a pocket, with a straight line across the top and a "U" below. The body is shaped like a bell. I like to start with the bottom left, rounding across the top and coming back down to the bottom right. Then connect the two sides with a slight arc.



cartoon woman step 2 Step 2 - Drawing the Left Side
Here, we'll again use rounded shapes to build the arm and the leg. Draw an oval from the top left of the bell (where the shoulder would be) at an angle out away from the body, then another connecting to the end of it angling straight down. At the end, your woman's hand will be a rounded triangle, with the tip of the triangle on the wrist.

The left leg will start at the base of the bell toward the right. A larger oval will angle toward the left, with another, thinner bell shape connecting and angling back toward the right. The foot is a little more difficult. I like to start with the ankle, which is just an upside down "U". Then, I draw two lines, one from either end of my "U", at a 45 degree angle. Across the bottom, I connect those two lines with another straight line, then I round out all the sharp points on the foot.



cartoon woman step 3

Step 3 - Drawing the Right Side
Now that one side is finished, the other is a little easier. Your cartoon woman will have part of her right leg hidden by the left. That means that the oval and the bell creating the right side of your woman will point straight down and overlap the left side.

The foot will be almost exactly the same shape, drawn just above the left foot with the bottom of it touching the top of the first. The right arm will also use the same shapes. This time, the top oval will follow the line of the bell of the body, and the bottom oval will angle out a little. Your cartoon woman's right hand should be almost identical to the left.




cartoon woman step 4 Step 4 - Details
This is the fun part. Your cartoon woman first needs a face and hair. Follow the line around the top of the egg head, just a little outside of it, and stop about halfway down each side of the egg to make the top of the hair. Use a zigzag from left to right to create bangs, and then a large "V" shape to create a part, rounding back down to the right side of the top hair line.

The eyes are two small circles with straight lines above them for eyebrows. The nose is a standard sideways "V". The mouth is banana shaped just above the chin. Your cartoon woman also needs breasts, made by adding two "C" shapes, one to the side of the bell body and one matching one just inside.

On the feet, you can draw a line to create a high heel and two curves at the top to create shoes. Hands get fingers with a couple of simple lines drawn up from the bottom of your rounded triangles.


cartoon woman step 5


Step 5 - Accessories
If your cartoon woman has long hair, you can add pigtails with "S" shaped lines connecting to the sides of the head. Hands can carry shopping bags, easily created from boxes with rounded handles that fit into her hands.

You can color your cartoon woman as you like, getting creative with hair color and clothing. Just be sure to erase all the overlapping pencil lines first.




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