Drawing a Darling Cartoon Angel

cartoon angel drawing

Cartoon angel drawing can be challenging until you use these steps.

If you find that you are advancing in your ability to draw your cartoon objects, the next object for you to try may be a cartoon angel. This creation is a little more difficult than some, but when you are done, it will really be something to be proud of! You can use them as Christmas tree decorations, or let your kids color them in!

cartoon angel step 1

Step 1 - The Head and Body
We'll start this little angel with the head and body. Simply put, the head is just a circle. The body is going to be formed with three lines in a triangular shape - one starts at the side of the head and curves in a right-facing arc down. The second will start at the base of the circle and curve more shallowly in the same way. The third line arcs shallowly upward, connecting the first two at the bottom.



cartoon angel step 2 Step 2 - Let's add some Motion
The wings and legs will add a sense of motion, and the hair will make your cartoon angel begin to come to life.

Draw the hair similarly to the body with a line that starts just to the right of the top center of the circle and curving down to the center of the body. Start at the same point, draw a line almost straight up a short distance, and follow the same arc pattern, arriving at the end point to the left of the top of the body. Connect the bottom of these two lines. Use the same curve to create a symmetrical cap of hair on the opposite side (the length will not be shown).

The wings are like a group of thin ovals, the one to the left starting just below the hairline with a "cloud" wave, then rounded over the top and a flat curve back to the hair. The other will start in the middle of the hair and be an upside down "L" shape, with just a couple of cloud humps coming back down the other side.

One leg will start at the left point of the skirt, short and straight to the left. Complete this with a shallow arc starting just left of center at the bottom of the skirt. The other leg is a line drawn at an inward angle from the bottom right corner of the skirt and another just off center of the skirt drawn straight down.

cartoon angel step 3 Step 3 - A Happy Face
Okay, step two was a long one, so we'll try to make this portion of your cartoon angel a bit simpler. To the right of the dress, draw the shape of a shield (a "U" with a straight line across the top) - this will become an angelic harp.

Add feet with a "bump" to the left for each heel and "C" shapes for toes. The left foot (on the right side of the paper) will point to the right, while the right foot will point to the left and appear almost upside down. Draw little "stick birds " inside the wings for detail. Eyes are just two small circles, capped with diagonal lines for eyebrows. The nose is a curved "V" at a 45 degree angle, and the mouth is a banana at an opposite 45 degree angle, topped with a slash for a laugh line.


cartoon angel step 4


Step 4 - Drawing Cartoon Hands
Making up lost time on your cartoon angel, you'll simply draw hands with no fingers holding the harp. The left hand has no arm and is simply a round object on the right side of your drawing. The right hand has a small line for a thumb sticking up, a rounded hand over the harp, and two straight lines terminating at a connecting line in the center of your dress.

cartoon angel step 5



Step 5 - The Finishing Touches
Finally, your sweet little cartoon angel is almost complete. A sleeve around the right arm is shaped like a bell, and you can opt to add slashes on the hand to give the illusion of fingers. The harp can be given strings, and music notes complete your flying cartoon angel's harmonious song.



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