A Penguin Cartoon Drawing

penguin cartoon final

This cute penguin cartoon is not very difficult to make and you are going to love the end result! Pencils? Check! Eraser? Check! Get your gear and let's get to it!

penguin cartoon st1


STEP-1: Start With the Head
Start off by making a large circle for the cartoon penguin's head.

Then, just at the top centre of the circle, make a couple of tilted curving shapes like shown in the example image. Make sure to make one of them smaller than the other.


penguin cartoon st2


STEP-2: Continue with the Body Shape
Here you will be making the placement of the body first. Make a curved line coming from the top left side of the circle you drew for the head that comes to a point in the middle and then curves up again and then down towards the lower right part of the head circle.

Next, draw a wavy line coming down from each side of the head moving down. These lines should be about the same length and curve out a little bit as they move downward. The reason they curve out at the bottom is to give the penguin cartoon a thicker bottom so it has more balance.

Lastly, you'll want to connect the two lines that you just drew. You might want to take a quick look at the finished drawing so you can get an idea of how this curve along the bottom of the body should flow so that you'll be able to fit the two feet under them in Step 4.

penguin cartoon st3STEP-3: Let's Draw Hands!
First make an x around the lower left side of the body.

Then add a little triangle on the left side which will be the left hand. Pretty easy right?

Next just at the point where the curving line of the head meets the lower right side of the head circle, draw a slightly tilted line moving towards the right and the curving back. This line stops just below the point where it started from and will make the other hand or wing depending on what you think it should be called.

From the bottom line of this new hand, draw a line that goes down straight to meet the bottom edge of the body. Your penguin cartoon should be coming along nicely, but let's keep on truckin!

penguin cartoon st4

STEP-4: Add Some Feet to Your Penguin Cartoon
On the lower edge of the body where the line had curved up and down is where you will be making the two feet of the penguin.

First make the foot on the left, by making three curving lines. Leave a little space and then make another set of three curving lines on the right for the other foot.

These feet should be on the left side of the bottom of the cartoon penguin's body.

penguin cartoon st5


STEP-5: Finish the Face

First delete the extra lines of the face circle, so that your drawing becomes one figure with the body and head joined.

Then just below the two curves at the very top of the face, make two little circles for the eyes. Below the eyes and to the sides, make two tiny ovals for the cheeks.

Then in between the two cheeks make a curvy triangle for the cartoon penguin's beak. This triangle has a top side in curved outward, while the two other sides are straight. If you're having problems look closely at the example for the correct directions.

The very last thing to draw is a tiny curved line along the bottom of the beak to complete the mouth.

Your cute penguin cartoon should be finished now - have fun coloring it!

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