How to Draw Cartoon Penguins
the Very Easy Way

Cartoon Penguins Final Drawing

We'll make drawing cartoon penguins as easy as a slice of frozen arctic pie. If you're just beginning to draw, then this is a great place to be. It doesn't get much easier than this so, follow along, remember to draw lightly at the beginning and then start to darken your lines as your picture progresses.

To start we'll use simple shapes and build on them as we learn to create a penguin that is both quirky and cute.

cartoon penguins step 1 Step 1:
Draw a circle. I hope you noticed that the circle shape you see on this page isn't perfect at all. Your circle doesn't need to be perfect either. Just draw one. If you really need to, you can go and get compass from a geometry set, or you can find something to trace over.

I hope you also noticed that this circle is a little taller than it is wide. If you wanted to make cartoon penguins that were fatter you could draw a circle that was wider than it is tall. It's up to you, and I want to encourage you to experiment and try new things with your own drawings.


cartoon penguins step 2Step 2:
Now he needs wings and a bright white chest. That's what you need to add in this step. The wings are like 'U' shapes that have been stretched. Remember to draw lightly so that your wing lines can cross the circle that you made in step one and then later we'll erase some of these crossing lines.

The white chest area is like a heart, but the bottom and sides have been rounded off so there are no pointy parts to the heard. The bottom of the chest is like a "U" and the top of the chest is like a very rounded and flattened "M".


cartoon penguins step 3 Step 3:
Lets fill in some face details. The eyes are very simple - they're just circles.

To draw the beak on this cartoon penguin think of it as simple shapes. The top part of the beak is like the shape of a knife blade. This is the hard part. Remember to draw lightly so that if you make a mistake you can erase it and try again.

The bottom of the beak is easier - it's just a simple curve. We're almost finished here, only one more step to go!


cartoon santa drawing step 4

Step 4:
Add a "V" shape to the backside of the cartoon penguin for his tail.

We only have the feet left to finish. Look at the bottom of the step 4 image. Make the foot like the example in red and green. The top is like a crooked upside-down 'V' shape. Add a small dot in the middle of this shape below the middle. You will use this dot at a guide for creating the toes.

Now connect the sides of the 'V' to the dot in the middle with curved lines.

To finish up, erase any lines that were crossing - like the wings and maybe the cartoon penguin's beak. Once you have erased any unwanted lines, go in and darken your line drawings. It doesn't get much easier than this!

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