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The caricatures from photos video on this page will really get into the heard of this lesson. If you came here from a search engine you can get back to part one by clicking here.

Here's the photo of our handsome subject matter. I selected him specifically because of his distinct nose. It was almost too easy to pick out that feature as the one to exaggerate, but that's a good thing because hopefully you also chose the nose to exaggerate. Most people you eventually draw won't be quite as easy as this but it's always good to start with an easy example to build up some confidence before getting into some more difficult examples.

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So again, following the formula for drawing a face and knowing that the nose is the feature to concentrate on I'm going to go in and draw this character's face. Please watch the video below for a more detailed and clear example of drawing caricatures from photos.


Here are some drawing tips that you can use for your own caricatures from photos:

If you are not yet familiar with drawing the regular human head, do that first before you start to exaggerate things. Knowing the basic structure will give you a solid foundation that you can always fall back on when in doubt. This will also make sure that your drawings look much more believable even though they are cartoons.

Practice drawing the individual features of the face on their own and try to find as many different examples as you can. Once you are familiar with the different shapes and sized that the face's features can come in you will have a good library of parts in your head that you can later recall and use to assemble your caricatures much the same as you would create a Mr. Potato Head toy when you were a kid.

Don't get discouraged by being too much of a perfectionist right at the start. Always draw lightly in the beginning and only once you are happy with your initial line work should you start to darken the lines. You will get better the more you practice!

Get a good art pen (for suggestions please check out the art supplies section) that you can use to trace over your initial line work. As long as you drew lightly with your pencil you should be able to trace it with your pen, and easily erase your pencil lines, leaving you with a nice clean drawing.

Go through old books and magazines to find loads of face examples. Try to expose yourself to as many different faces as possible. One idea for you here is to cut the faces out of the old magazines and paste them in your sketch book and then put your caricature drawing beside it. It's a great way to keep a visual record of your progress as you improve your drawing caricatures from photo abilities.

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