How to Draw Caricatures from Photos

To draw caricatures from photos, first you should get a good photo to work from. If you are just starting out then photos are the best places to start since you won't have to worry about your model moving on you. This will give you the extra time that you are going to need in the beginning to create a formula that you can use and apply to drawing all different kinds of faces.

Once you have your photo you'll want to take a few minutes studying the photo and see what features of the face should be exaggerated. Perhaps your subject has a large nose, an obvious under bite or squinty, rat-like eyes. If this is the case then it's easy to know which part will need to be exaggerated.

Drawing Caricatures From Photos Part 1
part 1

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For faces without such obvious features take some additional time and see if you can't find something in the face to exaggerate. Don't worry if this is your first time and you feel a little clueless with this process. This is a skill that you can continue to develop over time. The more time you spend looking at and studying the faces of the everyday people around you the more comfortable you will become at spotting and identifying which features you can exaggerate.

Here's an example face that we can look at. Notice the features of the face: the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, chin and jaw line. Can you see some possibilities here? This character was purposely selected because of its naturally exaggerated nature.

Now before we get into the drawing, I'd like suggest that you take a moment to review and remember the formula that we learned in the first how to draw a caricature lesson. Try to keep this formula in mind when drawing this new character. By approaching your drawing in the same way every time your speed will greatly improve over time as both your muscles and your mind become more and more familiar with this way of drawing.

For quick reference we'll draw the parts of the face in the following order: nose, mouth, eyes & brow, chin, forehead, ears, hair and finally neck. If this doesn't sound familiar to you please read through the easy to follow profile video tutorial here.

Ok, so you should now have an idea of what part of the character you think should be exaggerated. Try to stick to just one huge exaggeration for now - if you exaggerate too much the caricature may not turn out as well.

In the next part of this lesson I'll walk you through though the whole process from start to finish of drawing caricatures from photos. Don't miss this video - Click HERE Now!

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