Why Prismacolor Pencils are
the First Choice for Artists

Prismacolor pencils are the #1 choice among top artists for doing colored pencil and watercolor work.

Do you enjoy watercolor or using watercolor pencils? If so, then you may have already used Prismacolor products before. If not, then you may not know what you are missing out on. Many artists of all different types and experience levels are choosing to use Prismacolor pencils as their watercolor pencil of choice. If you want a high quality product without a huge price tag, you will like what you find from Prismacolor.

If not, then maybe you want to try them or maybe you are wondering why so many people love to use them. Why are these the best water color pencils you can buy? Prismacolor is famous for their high quality art products and supplies and this is exactly what you get when you purchase anything from them.

Artists love working with the professional quality pencils that you get with Prismacolor, just like all Prismacolor products. They can give you a smooth, even-layered and pigmented color each and every time. If you want the best in watercolor pencils and want to be in control of your colors and what you are creating, these pencils are a fantastic choice. In addition to having a great quality product, they also create products that you can do many things with. Their pencils are designed with the artist in mind and this makes them very flexible and creative to use.

Their pencils come in a wide range of colors which you can use for creating your own works of art and they can also be used with water and a brush. They are soluble, giving you a wide range of uses. They come in 36 different colors that match other Prismatic products and they come in singles as well as packs of 12, 24 and 36 so you can choose the set that works best for you and your needs.

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