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Still Looking for a Unique way to Celebrate your Special Occasion or Memory?

Hi, my name is Mitch Bowler, the host of this site, and I want to tell you how your personal memories live on forever by turning them into a heart-warming and memorable paintings. I've personally had oil paintings created and given them as gifts for all kinds of occasions like birthdays, Christmas, corporate gifts and decorating my own home. The looks that I get when someone recieves a hand-painted original oil painting from me is priceless.

"Each and every painting is a unique work of art;
no two paintings are exactly alike
The team at Paint Your Life gives you the ability to create a one of a kind masterpiece which will make a truly special and unique gift for yourself or your loved ones. A personalized painting is a great conversation piece that will have your friends and family asking you time and again about the special meaning of your painting.

Cat Oil Painting Realistic, Hand-Painted Oil Paintings

Your painting will be created by classically trained, professional artists, which means that you can rely on them to create a stunning work of art. All of the required painting skills will be provided for you, the only thing you need to provide is a photograph and they'll take care of the rest. As long as you can use a camera, you can have a unique and personal painting hanging on the wall of your family room.

Why Paintings Outshine Photography

Paintings hold their original artistic qualities forever so you can be sure that your painting will look as good as it does today, thirty years from now, creating a truly lifelong memento.

Paintings are created by hand so there's a deep human connection that is impossible to fake with contemporary printing methods. Have you ever felt moved while looking at a large painting? How did that feel when compared to staring at a large billboard? The machine process is so cold that there's almost no comparison to the warmth felt by looking at the work of an accomplished artist.

Photos will fade over time while a painting will look great no matter what so you will be able to enjoy the painting forever. People still marvel at the Mona Lisa and it was painted over 500 years ago! If you plan to give a painting as a gift you'll be sure that every time they look at the painting they will be reminded of their special memory.

Here's one example of the joy that a personalized painting can bring:

"The oil painting of my daughter was amazing, it made me cry (and I don't cry very easily!) I hadn't told my husband about the painting, so when he saw it up on the wall he remained speechless!"

Diana Matthies, Naples, Italy, Jul-20-2007

  Some of the most popular painting themes are:
  • Family
  • Husband & Wife
  • Anniverssary
  • Graduation
  • Pets
  • Vacation and Travel
  • Vehicles

So How Does it Work?

Paint Your Life's ordering process is quick and painless and you'll know that your painting will be started immediately. You can relax, knowing that your uniquely personalized gift is in production and that it will be finished and delivered in time for your special occasion.

The Paint Your Life quality assurance team will make sure that your painting looks like the original image. Whether you consider yourself a master, or artistically challenged, you can be sure that your painting will look great no matter your personal artistic ability.

And if you have any questions...

...their Friendly 24-hour help will answer any questions that you may have quickly and easily. You'll feel comfortable that you're dealing with art professionals and know that your painting is in good hands. The final result will be a painting that anyone would feel proud to hang on their wall.

Lastly, Paint Your Life's Satisfaction Guarantee gives you the opportunity to review and modify your painting so you can be sure to receive exactly what you were expecting. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing what your painting will look like before it arrives and will ensure that hanging this painting will bring an unforgettable moment of happiness to you and you loved ones.

Visit Paint Your Life and Place You Order Today!

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