Pig Cartoon Drawing Lesson

pig cartoon final


pig cartoon st1This pig cartoon drawing lesson will get you up to speed with creating your very own cute and round cartoon pig. It's super easy to go through this tutorial and you'll be sure to adore the end result.

STEP-1: The placement of body and head
Make a large circle. Then on the middle-left side draw a small oval which will be half inside the circle and half outside. These are the two main shapes of your little cartoon piggy.

Move onto the next step and let's keep rolling!

pig cartoon st2STEP-2: Nostrils and feet
First make two tiny ovals inside of the small oval made in the previous step to get a good looking nose.

Then below it, on the outside part of the bottom of the circle you drew for the body make two tiny, rounded triangles close to each other near the front. Leave a little bit of space in the middle of the stomach and then make two more tiny triangles joined to each other near the back. These are the four tiny feet of the pig.

You're half way done! Keep moving on to the next step.

pig cartoon st3

STEP-3: The eyes, tail and one ear
Here you will be making the two tiny circles for the eyes just above the oval of the nose.
Then at the side of the left eye of the pig, outside the body make a tiny leaf shape for one ear.

Now come to the rear end of the pig's circle and make a tightly wound curve like the shape of w and this will be the tiny tails of the pig.

pig cartoon st4

STEP-4: The last ear
Lastly above the right eye make another leaf-like shape for the second ear.

And now your cute and simple little pig cartoon drawing is finished.

If you really want to go the extra mile you can get out your coloring tools and have a go at doing some shading on this little guy like the finished image at the top of the page - Happy Drawing!

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