A Funky Monkey Cartoon to Draw

monkey cartoon final

This cute little monkey cartoon drawing is quite easy to make and you are going to love the end result! Take out your drawing stuff and get going!

monkey cartoon st1

STEP-1: Placement of the head and body
First, make a rounded oval and then draw another curved long along the top of the oval that has the same type of curve.

Next make a small circle below the head oval which will be for the body.

The space between the two shapes shouldn't be too much. Follow the example drawing for the right size of these shapes as well as the distance between them.

monkey cartoon st2


STEP-2: The ears and the neck
In this step first make a round circle on either side of the face oval for the two ears of the monkey. Next have two curving lines joining the head and the neck.

You should start to see the face of the monkey cartoon coming to life now. Can you see it?


monkey cartoon st3

STEP-3: Detailing of the ear and the head.

Start off by making another circle within each of the ears.

Next, move to the line that is dividing the head oval that you made in the first step. From the centre of this line-have two more lines curving outward and upwards to join the circumference of the oval. Lastly, remove the extra line on the head as shown in the example.


monkey cartoon st4STEP-4: The face
In this step you'll create the details for the face of your monkey cartoon.

Start off by drawing two circles for the eyes with another smaller circle inside of each eye. It's always a good idea to start with the eyes once you've got the basic shape of the head completed. Then add a small curve above each eye for the eyebrows.

Next between the two eyes, make a small oval for the nose with a tiny line going down and then dividing into two curved lines. Both these lines will curve up in opposite directions and give you the smiling mouth of the monkey.

The last part to add for the face is to make another oval under each eye for the cheeks. Your cute little monkey's face is done, so let's tackle the body now.

monkey cartoon st5STEP-5: The hands
On the left side of the drawing, just where the head joins with the body, make two curved lines that curve downward. At the end of it draw a small oval like shown in the example.

Next go to the other side of the face and do the same thing, but this time instead of the curves going downward they should move upward. Finish off the second hand with another oval.

Note: This oval will be overlapping part of the head and the ear.

monkey cartoon st6


STEP-6: Give this Monkey Cartoon some Legs!
The first thing that you should do here is to erase all the extra lines from the hands so that they become clear. After that, add an X right in the centre of the body circle for the bellybutton.

Then just below the place where the left hand's oval is draw another two curved lines starting from the body circle. These two curves should end in a point that has an oval attached to it. That's all there is to it to making the legs! Do the same thing on the other side of the body to finish to the other leg.

Just below the point where the leg on the right side attaches to the body draw a line curving out and then ending in a tight curve for the tail and you're all done creating your monkey cartoon.

I wonder what kind of mischief you can make him get into!

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