How to Draw Faces
Video Course Lesson Two

In this next how to draw faces video you will continue to build on the first lesson where you learned about the proportions of the face from the front and side views. What you're going to do now is combine the first lesson into what can be called a three-quarter view of the face. This will take a little bit of practice as it requires you to start thinking in three dimensions but don't worry; it won't be that difficult, especially if you took the time to go through the homework assignments that are part of this free course.

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To get the printable assignments that go with this lesson please enter your e-mail address below if you haven't done so already. If you have already entered your e-mail address, you should have the link to grab the PDF in your email inbox. Once you have watched the video, print out the assignment and get busy drawing the example faces and practicing how to draw the human head in perspective view.


Drawing Heads is Hard! Drawing Tips and Advice

You might find this lesson a little challenging, especially compared to the first video. Don't sweat it too much if you find this a little difficult -- it's completely normal. I personally filled three or four pages in my sketchbook with about twenty or thirty head sketches per page before I felt comfortable drawing the head from many different angles just like in the video. Be confident that the time you spend practicing and learning this drawing technique will not be wasted at all. You are unlocking the secrets that will show you how to draw great-looking faces both from life and from your mind. This skill is invaluable as an artist, so please take the time to practice and master this technique.

The Next Drawing Lesson

Next time we'll look at some real-life example photographs of different heads and then walk through how to set up our perspective guides to draw those heads on our own. Before you go on to the next lesson make sure to take the time to do the assignment so that you have the chance to practice and learn this technique. Being able to draw the head in three-quarter view is absolutely necessary if you want to advance your abilities as an artist.

One last note - don’t give up on yourself if you get stuck with this how to draw faces lesson. You will continue to build on your knowledge of the face in the lessons coming up. By the time you have finished this course and done the homework, drawing the human face should be a piece of cake for you and you’ll really be able to impress the people around you with your new found talents.

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