How to Draw Blood the Cartoon Way!

how to Draw Blood

how to draw blood st1

Learning how to draw blood is totally easy. This little drop of cartoon blood with the smiling expression is extremely easy and you can make it with a few simple steps!

STEP-1: Here you will make the basic body and head placement.
First, make a circle and then draw a curved line coming out from each side of the circle and meeting at the top in a point. The final shape should look like a tear drop. If you think you can make a tear shape without first drawing the circle, go ahead and do it that way, but if you need some extra guide lines the circle at the beginning is a great way to start.

How to Draw Blood st2



STEP-2: Making the eyes.
In this step you will be removing the extra lines from the circle like shown in the example so that the shape of the drop of blood becomes clear.

Then you can make two ovals for the eyes with two smaller circles within the ovals for the white dots. Two small semi circles above the eyes will be for the eyebrows.

how to draw blood st3



STEP-3: The smiling mouth.
In this next step of learning how to draw blood you'll add in the character's smiling mouth.

First you have to make a horizontal curving line in the centre of the face, where you think the mouth should be. You can check the example drawing for placement.

After that you have to make a semi circle below the curving line to show the open smile and then the face is complete.

how to draw blood st4


STEP-4: Making the hands and making it Cute!
Next we make three small lines below both the eyes to show the cheeks.

After this we make curving lines emanating form the outline of the face on both sides and curving towards the mouth at the centre of the face. Both of these lines end with an oval to create the hands of the blood drop, emphasizing the happy expression.

That's it! You've just learned how to draw blood and given your character an extremely cute look. You can try some of the same techniques that you learned in this lesson for making some of your other drawings. Don't be afraid to experiment!



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