How to Draw a Cartoon Lamb
Step by Step

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Learn how to draw a cartoon lamb with a quirky style that’s all her own.  This luscious lamb is not about following the flock. And, with her fabulous fleece, bright bow and super-chic handbag from Louis Mouton, she’s ready to gambol in spring, summer, fall or winter! So, don’t be sheepish – follow our simple steps and we’ll be creating an awesome drawing of our legendary lamb in no time!

how to draw a lamb st1

STEP-1: Start with the Simple Shapes

Let’s start this lesson on how to draw a cartoon lamb by drawing the head and body. Sketch out two shapes – a smaller, egg-style shape for the head (notice how it’s at an angle) and a larger, pebble shape for our lamb’s body. 

Lambs and sheep are ruminants, which means they have four sections in their stomachs for digesting food! So, make sure you make the body nice and big to accommodate all that grass and hay!

how to draw a lamb st2

STEP-2: The Arm and Face Details

Ready for the next step in learning how to draw a cartoon lamb? Let’s add a little detail. Start by drawing two curvy lines either side of the head for our lovely lamb’s ears. Then, add the central knot of her pretty bow in the middle of her head at the top. 

Next, draw her eye (an egg shape with pointed ends) and sketch in her nose by drawing a ‘V’ shape with a short vertical line underneath. We’ll also add a leg – imagine you’re drawing two birds flying sideways.

how to draw a lamb st3

STEP-3: Adding more Details!

She’s looking awesome already! Now, let’s continue adding some more details. Finish off the ear on the left by drawing another curvy line from the tip of the line you drew earlier – it should end up looking similar to a cow’s horn. 

Then, finish that beautiful bow by drawing two irregular triangle shapes which meet the central knot – note how the bow on the right has a wavy edge to represent the curve of the fabric. Let’s draw her right ear in a similar way to the left. 

Did you notice our lamb’s lashes? Draw these with a jagged line like a mini mountain range. Being a superstar on the party circuit, our lamb is always ready with a smile for the cameras – you can draw this by sketching two curves at the bottom of the nose with another larger curve beneath. 

If she’s holding a Louis Mouton handbag, she’s going to need a hoof, right? Draw this as if you’re sketching a square but make the bottom line wavy. No self-respecting lamb would be seen without her soft fleece and to draw this, imagine you’re drawing a cloud – this will give you just the right texture. There, we now have a perfect wooly jumper!

how to draw a lamb st4

STEP-4: Cleaning Up

She’s really starting to take shape. Add some more detail to the ears by drawing two smaller curves just beneath. Lambs and sheep have excellent hearing – how else would our party girl keep up to date with all the latest celebrity gossip? 

While we’re here, let’s add a wooly touch to the top of her head – just draw another cloud-like shape above the bow. Now, it’s time to add some detail to the eyes. At the left of her head, draw a curvy line to represent her other eye – she’s got excellent peripheral vision and can even see behind herself without turning her head! 

Then, draw two circles inside the right eye, one smaller than the other.

how to draw a lamb st5

STEP-5: Finishing the Drawing

Finish off this lesson on how to draw a cartoon lamb by drawing a tiny circle at the top of the second, smaller circle – this will create a realistic highlight in our lamb’s pupil. At the corner of our party girl’s mouth, draw a small expression line and then, in the middle of the mouth, draw another curved line to represent her teeth – she needs a good set of gnashers for chewing the cud with her family and buddies! 

To complete the mouth, draw a vertical line from just beneath her nose to the tip of the bottom line of her mouth. She’s ready for the Paparazzi! 

Remember that famous Louis Mouton handbag? Let’s give our girl some glam by adding it – draw an upside down ‘U’ shape will a smaller one beneath for the handle, then draw the bottom three lines of a box shape beneath. Finish off her hoof by drawing a vertical line in the middle, and then add some more hooves at the base of her body by drawing some similar shapes.

That's it! You've now finished learning how to draw a cartoon lamb, so it's time to get out your coloring tools and give her come color!

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