How to Draw a Koala Bear

How to Draw a Koala

Ever wondered how to draw a koala bear? Well, that's just what you are about to find! This cute little koala bear is extremely easy to make and you can get started with just a few simple lines and some basic shapes.

How to Draw a Koala Step 1 Step 1 - Starting Simple

Make a big oval. When you are making this, consider that it should be big enough for you to visualize the koala bear's face. If you need some help you can look at the finished Koala Bear's face and judge the size and shape based upon that.


How to Draw a Koala Step 2Step 2 - Forming the Body

Make a smaller circle under the oval from step one. This will take care of the lower body of the koala. Take a moment to make sure that the placement of this circle is correct as shown in the example otherwise the koala may appear either too big or too small.

Add another oval on to the circle that you just created for the body. It should be a little towards the left side of the picture. This oval will be for the placement of the shape of the koala's leg. It's worth mentioning again here that you need to be careful about the placement because this is what decides the whole body structure of the cute bear!

Now join the face oval with the other small circle that is the lower body and then another line joining the small oval to the bigger oval of the main body along the back. You should start to be able to see the shape of the body coming along nicely.

How to Draw a Koala Step 3
Step 3 - Arms and Tail

The next step in learning how to draw a koala is to add a curved line just below the face circle that will take the shape of the hand. Next, add the little curved lines on the lower back part of the body circle as shown in the example to make the cute little tail!


How to Draw a Koala Step 4
Step 4 - Adding Details

This is the stage that you add the little fingers of the cute little koala and also the ears. The fingers are just curved lines at the end of the hand, but while you are drawing them take note of the position of the thumb as it is separated from the other fingers.

Create the ears starting with curved lines with zigzag edges along the bottom like shown in the example.


How to Draw a Koala Step 5
Step 5 - Final Details

In this step we remove all the extra lines within the figure, so that the main body outline can be seen! If you thought that learning how to draw a koala was going to be hard, you should now start to see the whole shape coming together nicely.

Please see in the example which lines are extra, so that no important lines are erased.

The next thing to draw is the two ovals for the eyes with two little dots in them.
The nose is again made with a simple shape that looks kind of like a bell. A little curved line for the mouth and your adorable koala bear is complete!!!

How to Draw a Koala Step 6


Step 6 - Adding the Trunk

Now just follow the example to make the trunk of the tree on which the koala bear is hanging onto. That's all there is to it! You've learned how to draw a koala and your picture is complete!!


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