How to Draw a Face:
Video Course Lesson Four

This how to draw a face video is the last in the series, and now that you've hopefully mastered drawing the head from your mind, it's time to add some tone to it and help give it a more 3D look with shading. When it comes to learning about shading, it's all about careful observation.

You will start off by examining a head that has very simple lighting, such as you may find on a cloudy day. This kind of day is interesting because you don't get the hard shadows that you find on a really sunny day. Rainy days give nice even lighting, which is a perfect place to start your education while you finish up learning how to draw a face.

Why are rainy days good for learning how to draw shadows?

Because the light is so even. Shading a head that is receiving even lighting is a perfect place to start because you will be defining the forms of the head as it appears in almost any situation. This helps strengthen your understanding of the head and everything that you’ve learned in the past few lessons.

Ok, I know you’re dying to get started, so just hop into the video below.

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How to Draw a Face in Shadow - Homework

The homework in this lesson is to get out into the real world and start looking at people’s faces and seeing what kind of shadows are happening. A PDF won’t cut it, and if you can take one ultra-important lesson away from this entire course, it’s that you need to get out and explore and analyze the world around you. If you’re serious about becoming an artist, there’s not substitute for simple observation of the world around you – it’s as simple as that. Best wishes for your artistic endeavors!

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