How to Draw a Cartoon Wolf
(the Easy Way)

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Stay ahead of the pack by learning how to draw a cartoon wolf! Once you’ve followed our easy steps, your friends and family will be howling in appreciation at your amazing artistic ability. So, grab those pencils and let’s get started – you’d be barking mad to miss this!

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STEP-1: Sketching out the Basic Shapes of our Cartoon Wolf
The first part of learning how to draw a cartoon wolf is to sketch out some basic shapes which will form the basis of our illustration. To begin with, draw a large circle with a smaller one at the top – notice how the two shapes intersect? You’ll see why in the next step…

how to draw a cartoon wolf st2

STEP-2: Adding Form to Our Furry Friend
Now we’ve got the basic shapes, let’s start to add some details which will make our wolf more recognizable. First of all, draw a large tail just above the larger circle on the left. Sketch in a wavy line followed by a jagged line to represent fur.

The next stage in how to draw a cartoon wolf is to add some detail to the head. Taking the smaller circle as your basis, draw two large ears (all the better to hear you with!) by sketching in two upside down ‘V’ shapes. 

Then, let's make this circle more wolf-like by drawing a jagged edge on the left-hand side to represent fur. Next, let's draw our cartoon wolf's nose by sketching in an upside-down triangle. Finally, add the beginnings of a leg to our cartoon wolf by drawing two curved lines to the bottom left of the body.

how to draw a cartoon wolf st3
STEP-3: Bringing Our Cartoon Wolf to Life with More Details

Our cartoon wolf is looking pretty awesome at the moment! Let's add in some more details to really bring hime to life. 

First of all, draw the inner ears, making the bottom of each one jagged. Sketch one as if viewed from the front and the other as if viewed from the side. Finish off the sides of the face by continuing the jagged lines we drew earlier – then do the same on the other side. "What a big mouth you have!" exclaimed Little Red Riding Hood in the famous fable.

Let's add this now by drawing two curved lines beneath the nose. Unlike the wolf in that story, our cartoon wolf is really very friendly – he may be big, but he ain't bad! Draw a jagged line just above the head to represent our furry friend's back, then add a foot or claw as in our illustration. Finally, make the bottom part of our cartoon wolf's body jagged to represent his furry belly.

how to draw a cartoon wolf st4

STEP-4: Let's Give Our Cartoon Wolf An Appetite!

Now that our cartoon wolf is really starting to take shape, let's add those all-important features – the teeth and tongue!Draw two sharp fangs just beneath that smiling mouth – make them as pointed as you can! Next, draw a large paddle shape for the tongue – our cartoon wolf is feeling hungry and needs to go supersize! 

Now, it's time to add some more feet or claws – draw another front one on the right-hand side, then follow this up by drawing the rear legs and claws. Our cartoon wolf is almost ready to prowl!

how to draw a cartoon wolf st4

STEP-5: What a Big Mouth You Have! Adding the Final Details

Our next step in how to draw a cartoon wolf is adding the final touches. Our cartoon wolf is nearly ready to head out at the first full moon, but first, we need to add some more important details – the eyes and lower jaw.

Drawing the eyes can really give a character personlity, so let's add these to our cartoon wolf by drawing two rectangles first for the eyebrows, followed by two eyes beneath. 

Make it look as though our wolf is squinting – maybe he's howling with laughter at a good joke? Next, draw two small lines just above the nose to give our furry friend some real expression. Once you've done this, it's time to add the bottom jaw – all the better to eat with! There, we're all done with drawing and now it's time to go barking mad with color! Grab your favorite pens and let's get going!

how to draw a cartoon wolf st6

STEP-6: Coloring in Our Cartoon Wolf

Are you ready to go crazy with color? This is our final step on how to draw a cartoon wolf. Let's get started!Firstly, take a dark gray color and draw the outline of our cartoon wolf. You can also use this color for the inner ears, eyebrows and eyes. 

Next, rub out any lines you don't need and grab a lighter shade of gray for the body. To make that large mouth really stand out, select a nice bright red for the tongue and a darker shade for the inside of the mouth. Leave the fangs white, but draw around them in a light gray to make them more noticeable. 

Finally, use a black pen for the nose, remembering to leave a small area white for the highlight. Awesome! Our cartoon wolf is ready to prowl and howl! We hope you enjoyed our easy-to-follow steps in how to draw a cartoon wolf. Why not experiment by drawing different colored cartoon wolves? Have fun and we'll see you next time for more awesome cartoon fun!

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