How to Draw a Cartoon Snake
(the Easy Way)

how to draw a cartoon snake final

Look into my eyessssshhhhhh, you’re feeling sssshhhhhleeepy! The snake, Kaa, from Disney’s The Jungle Book, was well known for his hypnotic eyes and now it’s time to mezmerize your friends and family with your awesome drawing skills as you learn how to draw a cartoon snake, one of these fascinating creatures. Go right ahead - he won’t bite!

how to draw a snake st1

STEP-1: Basic Shape of our Snake
For our first step in how to draw a cartoon snake, we’ll start off nice an easy with a simple curved line. This will give you a basis to work from and help you create a stunning serpent everyone will be impressed with!

how to draw a cartoon snake st2

STEP-2: Creating our Slippery Friend
Isn’t it exciting learning how to draw a cartoon snake? Snakes are found on most continents and islands apart from Antarctica – they obviously don’t like the cold too much! We can fill out our snake’s body by sketching in more detail to bring our character to life. 

First of all, let’s start with the head. Taking the top of the curved line you drew earlier as your basis, add in those all-important hypnotic eyes by drawing two oval shapes which are pointed at the bottom. As you can see, the eye on the left is seen from the side, so we don’t need to draw all of this.

Now let’s add a smile by drawing a curved line near the bottom of our slippery friend’s head. Using the long part of the curve as our basis, draw in the rest of the body by drawing two similar lines spaced roughly the same distance apart. 

Continue the first curved line we drew so you end up with the base of our snake’s tail, then draw a horizontal line at the bottom, so our character looks as if he’s on the ground.

how to draw a cartoon snake st3
STEP-3: Adding some Detail and Charming Colors

This snake could charm anybody with his friendly smile and hypnotic eyes! Let’s add some more details to our super serpent by working on those mezmerising eyes. Most snakes can track movement pretty well – in fact, the snakes you see being charmed in India are reacting to the movement of the flute rather than it’s actual sound! 

Draw another curved line inside the pointed oval shape you drew earlier, then draw two horizontal curved lines to represent the iris – we’ll color the rest in black later.

Once you’ve done this, you can draw two small ovals for the nostrils – snakes use their sense of smell to track their prey and also rely on their forked tongues to collect airborne particles! Having finished the nostrils, it’s time to move on to the fangs! These are very important to our slippery friend, as some snakes use these to deliver a vemomous bite to their prey.

To add the fangs, draw two ‘V’ shapes, remembering to make the point nice and sharp. Now, it’s time to draw the snake’s famous forked tongue. Draw two curved lines which go up a the end, then finish it off with a small ‘U’ shape – our snake has now got his hiss! Finish off the body by drawing a series of curved horizontal lines spaced evenly apart.

We’re almost done learning how to draw a cartoon snake, let’s draw the end of our super serpent’s tail. Remember to make the end pointed as in our illustration – our snake will need this when slithering across the ground, detecting vibrations and performing a series of movements that would put many a streetdancer to shame, such as the sidewinder and concertina.

And now, get your coloring pens at the ready as we prepare for the final and most fun part of learning how to draw a cartoon snake! Vipers, adders, phythons – there are more than 2,900 species of snake that come in all kinds of colors and markings. Our snake is green, but you can go wild with any color you like! Rub out any lines you don’t need, and then draw the outline using black.

Next, color our slippery friend’s body in, remembering to leave the front part of the belly blank so we can finish this off with a different color. Use a lighter shade of the main body color for our snake’s eyelids, then color in the iris area in light blue. Fill in the pupils using black, remembering to leave a small area white to represent highlights. Pick a nice red for the tongue, then color in the belly. We’ve used light yellow, but again, this can be any color you choose.

Great! Our buddy is now ready to slide off and charm some more people! There you go, now you know how to draw a cartoon snake. Why not practice drawing different colored snakes?

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