How to Draw a Cartoon Skunk
(the Easy Way)

how to draw a cartoon skunk final

Eeeeew! What’s that smell? Despite being stinky, skunks have always been popular charcters in cartoons and movies, from Flower and Miss Skunk in Walt Disney’s Bambi, through to Pepe Le Pew, the famous Warner Bros. character, right up to the present day in animations such as Madagascar and Over The Hedge. Now, it’s time to hold your nose, pick up a pencil and learn how to draw one of these distinctive polecats and add your character to the skunk hall of fame!

how to draw a cartoon skunk st1

STEP-1: Drawing the Basic Shapes
Let’s keep it real simple to begin with – simply draw two ovals or egg shapes. These will form the basis for our lesson in how to draw a cartoon skunk.

how to draw a cartoon skunk st2

STEP-2: Adding the First Features!
Appropriately enough for an animal associated with smell, we’re going to start by drawing a nose. Taking the top oval as our basis, draw the shape of our smelly buddy’s head and then add the nose roughly halfway down. Join the two oval shapes together with some curved lines and there you go – our cartoon skunk is beginning to take shape!

how to draw a cartoon skunk st3
STEP-3: Adding the Tail and other Details

Apart from a ‘unique’ taste in perfume, our skunk’s most distinguishing feature is that big, bushy tail. Draw a large paddle shape as in our illustration. 

For the next step in how draw a cartoon skunk, make the top of the head quite jagged, turning our character into a punk skunk! At this stage, we can also draw the distinctive marking at the top of the head – simply draw two curved lines which meet the nose. 

Add some ears by drawing two upside-down ‘V’ shapes on each side of the head, then give our skunk a smile by drawing a curved line or arc just beneath the nose. Skunks are always smiling – probably because they know they’re safe from most predators because of their smelly scent! Finally, sketch in the top of the legs by drawing two curved lines at the base of the body.

how to draw a cartoon skunk st4

STEP-4: It’s time to Punk up our Skunk!

Learning how to draw a cartoon skunk is all about adding those distinguishing features (apart from the smell!) so let’s do that by drawing in the skunk’s distinctive stripe on the tail. Remember to make the line nice and jagged to represent fur. 

Next, draw two angled lines for the eyebrows – our skunk is a cunning creature, so we need to give him a slightly mischievous look. Underneath, draw two small circles for the eyes – skunks have poor eyesight and cannot see further than three meters away, so it’s just as well they have awesome senses of hearing and smell! 

Next, let’s add an arm – sketch this in as a kind of ‘V’ shape on the left-hand side of the body and draw three ‘fingers’ on the hand. Now, let’s add another distinctive white stripe on the chest and finish of the legs we started earlier – skunks have strong legs for digging and have made their homes all across America, Indonesia and the Philippines.

how to draw a cartoon skunk st5

STEP-5: The not So Sweet Smell of Success!

Our furry buddy may not smell so great, but he sure looks awesome! Now, all we need to do is add a few finishing touches before adding some color to our punk skunk! 

Draw the other arm in a similar style to the one on the left and make it look as if our skunk is clasping his or her hands together while they think up a plan for some more mischief. 

Now, it’s time for the grand fragrant finale of our lesson in how to draw a cartoon skunk - get those colors at the ready and let’s get going! 

First, draw the outline in black and then select a dark gray color for the body. Color the nose in black and then use an even lighter shade of gray for the striped areas. There, our punk skunk is ready to rock! You can stop holding your nose now and reveal the latest addition to your portfolio of awesome cartoon characters to your friends and family!

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