How to Draw a Cartoon Polar Bear Cub
(the Easy Way)

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Do you want to learn how to draw a cartoon polar bear cub? Take to the ice and get your pencil at the ready to draw this cute polar bear! It's easy when you follow our four simple paw prints. Brrrrr! With more "ice" than Kanye West, the polar bear is the undisputed king of the Arctic Circle and this cute little cub is just finding his feet (or, should that be paws?) in the snow. Impress your friends and family by learning how to draw a cartoon polar bear cub - one of these amazing creatures, which have featured heavily in folklore from the ancient tales of the Innuits and native Americans up to modern movies such as The Golden Compass in 2007.

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STEP-1: Drawing the Outline of the Body
Learning how to draw a cartoon polar bear cub is easy - simply draw two intersecting circles, one smaller, one larger. These will form the basis for our awesome Arctic buddy!

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STEP-2: Adding Detail to our Polar Prince
Having drawn the basic outline, let's start adding some detail to those basic circles. On the smaller circle (our polar cube's head) draw two upside down 'U' shapes for the ears and then two small circles for the eyes. For the nose, draw an upside down triangle shape. 

Polar bears have an awesome sense of smell and can detect food more than 1.6 kilometers away or buried beneath three feet of snow! 

Let's also add a cute tail by drawing a cloud-like shape on the right hand side of the body. Isn't learning how to draw a cartoon polar bear cub fun!

how to draw a cartoon polar bear st3
STEP-3: Adding  some more Features
For our next step in learning how to draw a cartoon polar bear cub, let's add some more details to really bring our polar prince to life. Draw two smaller upside down 'U' shapes to create the inside of our polar cube's ears. Then, draw the mouth by drawing a vertical line down from the nose, followed by two 'U' shapes either side. 

There, our awesome Arctic buddy is smiling in the snow! We can also start drawing the legs at this stage - draw a series of curved lines as in our illustration. Polar bears are the largest terrestrial carnivores on the planet and an adult male can weigh as much as 350 - 680kg! So, make the legs thick and powerful to support his weight..

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STEP-4: Bringing our Polar prince to Life!

Wow, our little king of the Arctic is really starting to take shape! Let's add some more details to our cute cub and create an epic finished drawing to really impress your friends and family. Complete the ears by drawing lines at the bottom of each 'U' shape. 

Now, for our final steps in learning how to draw a cartoon polar bear cub, let's finish off those legs and give our polar prince those all important paws - no self-respecting bear would be seen without his paws, right? Although polar bears have four legs, only three are visable in our drawing. 
This is because the other leg is hidden from view behind the body. Be sure to make the paws nice and large - our friend from the frozen lands is going to need these when walking through the snow or swimming in the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean! 

Once you're done, rub out any lines you don't need and then get those polar pens at the ready to color our awesome buddy in! Draw the outline in black first, then we're ready to finish the body. In the wild, polar bears are, of course, white, but we're going to use an icy blue for visual interest. This is what's termed "artistic licence" it's when you alter reality a little to get the desired effect and it's a technique you can see in almost every cartoon that's ever been created. 

Once you've colored in the body, select a darker blue for the insides of the ears. Color the eyes and nose in black, remembering to leave a small area of the nose white to represent a highlight - you can add to this effect by taking the darker blue pen and drawing another line around the edge of this white area to make our polar prince's nose look 3D. There you go, now you know how to draw a cartoon polar bear cub. Awesome! 

Our polar bear is now ready to go out in the snow or swim in the icy waters. How come they don't feel the cold? That's because polar bears have a really thick coat and a layer of blubber surrounding their bodies measuring up to 10cm in depth! Hope you had fun drawing our Arctic buddy - why not practice drawing a family of polar bears using these directions as a starting point?

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