How to Draw a Cartoon Penguin
(the Easy Way)

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Penguins are everywhere! Wouldn't you want to learn how to draw a cartoon penguin? If there’s one movie guaranteed to be a box office smash, it’s a film featuring penguins. Whether starring in Happy Feet, March of the Penguins or Surf’s Up, these unique birds always manage to break the ice with audiences across the globe.  Our little buddy here looks a little sad (maybe he really wants to fly?), but learning how to draw a penguin by following our four easy steps will soon put a smile upon your face!

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STEP-1: Sketching the Body
For our first step in learning how to draw a cartoon penguin, let’s sketch the outline of our frosty friend’s body, by drawing an irregular shape that looks a little like a potato! 

Penguins are known for their upright, waddling gait, so let’s make the belly nice and round to give our awesome Arctic buddy some body mass – after all, they’re going to need it in those sub-zero conditions!

how to draw a cartoon penguin st2

STEP-2: Adding the Flippers and Chest Feathers
The next step in learning how to draw a cartoon penguin is adding the flippers and chest feathers. 
Over time, penguins' wings have evolved into flippers, meaning that although they cannot fly, they can dive in the water at speeds of up to 12 kilometers an hour! 

Draw these flippers by sketching a 'V' shape on the left-hand side – the flipper on the right is partly obscured by our penguin's body. We can also add a circular shape on the body, which will form the basis for our buddy’s smart black and white 'tuxedo' suit!

how to draw a cartoon penguin st3

STEP-3: Let's give this Penguin some Personality!
Our frosty, feathered friend is really starting to take shape! Let's now add some extra details to really bring this cute character to life. At the top of the head, draw a jagged line to represent our penguin's punky hairdo. There, our buddy is almost ready to join Blink 182! 

Our next step in learning how to draw a cartoon penguin is the eyes. Add the eyes by drawing two small circles and then draw the top half of the beak. If our penguin is going to catch lots of fish, he'll need a decent beak to start with.

how to draw a cartoon penguin st4

STEP-4: A Feathered Flourish and Coloring In

Remember how sad our penguin looked in the original drawing? Let's achieve this look by drawing some eyebrows' above each eye – notice how they really add character to our little buddy's face? 

Next, we can finish off the beak by drawing a shape similar to a boat's sail, just beneath the top part we drew earlier. 

We're almost there, but if our pengiun is going to waddle in style across the ice, they're going to need some feet! Draw the foot on the left by sketching a trianglular shape with three short vertical lines to represent our penguin's 'toes'. 

The other foot is seen slightly in profile – draw a shape not unlike a human foot, remembering to also add the 'toes'. Our Arctic buddy is looking awesome! Now, let's add the all-important color – rub out any lines you don't need and get those felt-tipped pens at the ready! 
Draw the penguin's outline in black, then color in his body using a dark gray, remembering to leave the chest white. For the eyebrows, use a lighter shade of gray. 

Our final step in learning how to draw a cartoon penguin is to color the beak and feet in yellow and we're done! Our penguin is now ready to make a splash and who knows? Once he's learned to dance or maybe even fly, he might have a smile on his face!.

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