How to Draw a Cartoon Kangaroo
(the Easy Way)

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G'day! In this lesson, we're going to take a trip to Australia as we learn how to draw a cartoon kangaroo – it's easy once you've followed our simple steps. So, let's hop to it, pick up our pencils and get started!

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STEP-1: The Bouncing Basics of Our Cartoon Kangaroo
Are you ready to go 'down under' for some creative fun? Our cartoon kangaroo is all set for a party with her family in Australia – she's even brought along a balloon! So, to get things started, let's sketch out a few basic shapes which will help us as we progress with our drawing. For our first step in how to draw a cartoon kangarool, draw a large circle, followed by two smaller intersecting ovals or egg shapes above, as in our illustration. We now have the basis for our cartoon kangaroo!

how to draw a cartoon kangaroo st2

STEP-2: Drawing the Details of Our Friend from Down Under
Now we've got the basic shapes, it's time to add some details to our merry marsupial. Firstly, taking the two small ovals as your basis, draw around these to form the shape of the head, just like in our illustration.Then, join the head to the body (the large circle) by drawing a curved line that goes all the way round. Make the line on the left-hand side angular to represent the back of our cartoon kangaroo. 

Learning how to draw a cartoon kangaroo is fun! Next, draw three horizontal lines on the chest to represent our awesome Australian buddy's chest and pouch – she'll need this when she's older to carry her children around in! Finish off this stage by drawing an angular vertical line for the leg.

how to draw a cartoon kangaroo st3
STEP-3: Feeling 'Hoppy'? Let's Give Our Cartoon Kangaroo Some Personality!

Our pretty partygoer now needs some extra details to give her some personality. Firstly, draw a large, slender upside-down 'V' shape for the ear of our cartoon kangaroo. For our next step in learning how to draw a cartoon kangaroo, draw two large irregular circles for the eyes and put a dot in the middle of each one. Then, sketch in the nose at the end of the snout. Remember the leg of our cartoon kangaroo which we started earlier?

Let's finish this off now by adding a large foot as in our illustration. Kangaroos have very powerful legs for hopping around with and can reach speeds of up to 70 kilometers an hour! Finally, no cartoon kangaroo would be complete without a tail, which our sassy Sheila uses for balancing. Remember to make this nice and large.

how to draw a cartoon kangaroo st4

STEP-4: Getting Into The Party Mood by Adding a Balloon!

Our cartoon kangaroo is very excited about her party, but before she's ready, we need to give her a balloon to carry. Draw a large oval high above her head for now and draw two small box shapes on the balloon to represent highlights. 

Next, let's add another ear as if seen from the side and sketch in the inner ear of the one on the left. Draw in some eyebrows to give our cartoon kangaroo some expression, then add two small arms – one hanging down by the body and the other raised up to hold her balloon. When drawing the hands, remember to make the one on the right-hand side clenched so it looks like she's holding something. 

Then, draw a curved line going right up to the balloon. Awesome – our cartoon kangaroo is almost ready to party! Finally, add another leg sitting just behind the one you drew earlier. Sketch this in as if seen from the side.

how to draw a cartoon kangaroo st4

STEP-5: Let's Go Kangaroo Crazy With Color!

Now that we've finished drawing our cartoon kangaroo, it's time to finish off our Antipodean artistry by going crazy with color!First of all, take a black pen and draw around the outline of the body, before rubbing out any lines you don't need. 

Then, taking a medium shade of yellow, colour in the body of our cartoon kangaroo from head to tail. After this, use a medium shade of green for the inner ear, followed by a black pen for the eyebrows and nose – remember to leave a small area white to represent highlight. 

Finally, use your favourite shade of blue for the balloon and there you have it – our cartoon kangaroo is ready to hop along to her party! We hope you had fun learning how to draw a cartoon kangaroo. 

Why not experiment by drawing some friends and family for her to play with, or maybe some landscape around her? See you next time for more awesome artistic fun!

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