How to Draw a Cartoon Horse
(the Easy Way)

how to draw a cartoon horse final

Giddy up, pardner! In today's lesson, we're going to learn how to draw a cartoon horse. Once you've followed our easy steps, you'll be galloping along in no time and impressing friends and family with your amazing artistic skills. So, saddle up, grab your pencils and let's get going!

how to draw a cartoon horse st1

STEP-1: Coming Out of the Stables with Some Basic Shapes
The first part of learning how to draw a cartoon horse is sketching out some basic shapes which will form the basis for our awesome equine illustration.First of all, draw an oval shape, followed by an irregular, larger circle beneath as in our illustration.

how to draw a cartoon horse st2

STEP-2: Trotting Along With Some More Detail
Now we've got the basic shapes, let's make hay while the sun shines and add some more details to our farmyard friend. The next stage in learning how to draw a cartoon horse is to sketch in the ears as two upside-down 'V' shapes just above the head. 

Then, draw a box shape with rounded corners for our horse's nose and mouth. After this, draw a paddle shape on the left-hand side of the body for the tail, then draw six vertical lines at the bottom of the body for the legs. We'll be going from a trot to a canter in no time!

how to draw a cartoon horse st3
STEP-3: Building up to a Canter by Adding Extra Features

It's time to add some equestrian elements to our drawing to start bringing our cartoon horse to life! At the top of the head, draw a shape with a jagged edge to represent the mane, then draw a similar shape just to the left of the head which joins up with the body. 

Next, add the beginnings of some nostrils and a large, smiling mouth as in our illustration. After this, add some texture to the tail by making the edge jagged. Finally, let's give our farmyard friend some hooves by drawing three triangle shapes at the bottom of each leg. Awesome! We're ready to gallop on to the next stage of our lesson in how to draw a cartoon horse!

how to draw a cartoon horse st4

STEP-4: Let's Add Some Personality to Our Pony

Our cartoon horse is really coming together, so in this stage, we'll add some cute features to really give our pony some personality! Finish off the ears by sketching in two small jagged shapes for the inner ear. Then, rub out the lines where the mane meets the head so you've got a nice clean shape to work with. 

The next part of learning how to draw a cartoon horse is to add the eyebrows and eyes – simply sketch in some rectangles for the eyebows, followed by two small ovals for the eyes. Remember, a horse's eyes are on either side of the head, which gives our friendly filly awesome peripheral vision! 

Now, it's time to add a very important feature to our cartoon horse – some large nostrils. Draw these as two oval shapes just beneath the lines you drew earlier. Moving on to the mouth, let's give our magnificent mare some teeth by simply drawing another line just beneath the top of the mouth – horses have an amazing sense of taste and can sort through fodder to choose the grains they most enjoy eating! 

Finally for this stage in learning how to draw a cartoon horse, add some more detail to the triangular shapes you drew earlier for the hooves. Did you know that these are made of similar material to our own fingernails? And, just like us, a horse sometimes needs her hooves clipping! Now, let's take the reins and gallop on to the most exciting part of our lesson – adding color to our cute cartoon horse!

how to draw a cartoon horse st4

STEP-5: Giddy Up and Away With Some Awesome Colors!

Now you've learned how to draw a cartoon horse, it's time to break out of the stables and finish our awesome artwork by adding some color!First of all, rub out any lines you don't need, then select a purple pen for the outlilne. 

Once you've done this, take a lighter shade of purple and color in the mane, inner ear, eyebrows and tail – she's looking swish! Next, take a pink/purple pen and fill in the 'mane' body area and then choose a dark gray for the hooves and nostrils. Lastly, color in the mouth and pupils using black. 

There, our pretty pony is saddled up and ready to go! We hope you enjoyed learning how to draw a cartoon horse. Now you've mastered this awesome illustration, why not give free rein to your creativity by drawing some fields and trees around her? You could even practice drawing the legs in a different position so it looks like she's running! We've got to gallop away now, y'all, but we'll see you very soon for another awesome art tutorial!

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