How to Draw a Cartoon Frog
(the Easy Way)

how to draw a cartoon frog final

Hop on in, the water's fine! Learning how to draw a cartoon frog is as easy as sitting on a lily pad once you've followed these simple steps. So, let's jump to it and get started on another awesome illustration that will make your friends and family green with envy!

how to draw a cartoon frog st1

STEP-1: Fabulous Frog Basics the Basics
The first part in how to draw a cartoon frog prince is really simple – just draw a heart shape as in our illustration. It may not look like much, but this will give us a good basis for the rest of our amphibian artistry!

how to draw a cartoon frog st2

STEP-2: Adding Some Frog Features
Now we've got the basic shape, let's start adding some features to our cartoon frog to bring him to life. First of all, draw two small circles for the eyes, followed by a large mouth just below. Frogs need a big mouth for catching all those flies, so make this stretch almost from one side of the head to the other. For the next step in how to draw a cartoon frog, draw a curved line on the body – this will eventually form our cartoon frog's chest. Finally in this stage, draw two curved lines as in our illustration which will eventually become our riverside royal's arms.

how to draw a cartoon frog st3
STEP-3: Putting More Features on Our Frog Prince

In the famous fairy tale, The Frog Prince, the frog turns into a handsome prince once kissed by a beautiful princess. However, our cartoon frog isn't ready to turn into a human just yet – he's happy wearing the crown for now! Let's start drawing this by sketching in two vertical lines above the head. 

Then, draw two nostrils just beneath the eyes and another line in the middle of the mouth. Anyone who's seen Kermit The Frog on the Muppets will know that frogs just love to talk and with a mouth this big, who can blame them? Now, let's finish off the arms we drew earlier, remembering to make them quite small. 

how to draw a cartoon frog st4

STEP-4: The Crowning Glory – Adding More Detail to Our Cartoon Frog

For our next step in learning how to draw a cartoon frog, it's time to crown our frog prince. Draw three upside-down 'V' shapes with a couple of smaller shapes behind to complete his royal headwear – awesome!Next, begin drawing those powerful back legs by sketching in a series of curved lines just beneath the arms as in our illustration.

how to draw a cartoon frog st4

STEP-5: These Feet Were Made For Jumpin'!

Isn't it fun learning how to draw a cartoon frog? Our cartoon frog prince is looking ready to take his rightful place on the riverbank, but first, we need to finish off the rear legs and sketch in some wonderful webbed feet! To do this, draw the shape of a foot for each one, followed by two curves on each. Our cartoon frog needs these webbed feet to propel him through the water, but some tree-dwelling frogs also use these as parachutes to glide through the air!

how to draw a cartoon frog st6

STEP-6: Coloring in Our Cartoon Frog Prince

Now that our drawing is finished, it's time to complete our amphibian artwork with a splash of color. And, guess which color we'll be using? That's right – green! First of all, draw around the outline of the body in dark green, then rub out any lines you don’t need. Next, take a dark brown pen and draw the outline of the crown – splendid! 

Now, it's time to jump to it and color in the body of our cartoon frog prince – take a nice bright shade and fill in everywhere apart from the chest area. 

Next, select a lighter shade of green for the chest, then color in the mouth and nostrils using a medium shade of green. Finally, no prince is complete without a crown, so color this in using a bright yellow, followed by a light brown color for the points at the back – notice how this makes it look really 3D? 

You did it! You know how to draw a cartoon frog. Our cartoon frog prince is now ready to leap from lily pad to riverbank! We hope you enjoyed taking the plunge and learning how to draw him. Why not try drawing some lily pads and water? Remember, the more you practice, the better an artist you'll be! Feel free to jump to our next lesson!

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