How to Draw a Cartoon Flamingo
(the Easy Way)

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Get ready to wade out in the water by learning how to draw a cartoon flamingo! These brightly-colored birds are well known in southern America, Africa and Asia thanks to their quirky habit of standing on one leg, but you might find it easier to have both feet on the ground when creating your awesome illustration!.

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STEP-1: Getting Started With Some Basic Shapes
The first stage of learning how to draw a cartoon flamingo is to sketch out some basic shapes for our fabulous feathered friend! First of all, draw a long shape for the head and neck, followed by an egg shape for the body. These will form the basis for our brightly-colored bird.

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STEP-2: Taking the Plunge by Adding More Detail
Can you believe you're learning how to draw a cartoon flamingo? Let's now make a splash by adding some more detail to our cartoon flamingo! Firstly, let's add the beginning of a beak by drawing a curved line on the left-hand side of the head. Then, sketch in some curved lines for our flamboyant friend's wing, followed by two thighs at the base of the body.

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STEP-3: Creating a Graceful Gait for our Flamingo

Now we've got the basic shapes, let's start adding some flamingo features to bring our feathered friend to life!Finish off the beak, remembering to make it nice and large – flamingos need this for catching shrimps in the water! 

For the next step in how to draw a cartoon flamingo, rub out the lines where the neck meets the body and finish off the wing as in our illustration. Once you've done this, let's give our cartoon flamingo a tail by drawing a small triangular shape just to the right of the body. 

Next, draw just the tip of a wing on the left-hand side. Finally, it's time to give our cartoon flamingo some long legs to give her a graceful gait – draw two long, slender legs beneath the thighs you drew earlier.

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STEP-4: Taking Flight With Some More Feathered Features

Our cartoon flamingo is looking awesome, so let's now add some more feathered features to help her take flight! First of all, draw two small circles for the eyes, followed by two short lines above each one. 

Then, draw a line running up the beak to give our flamboyant feathered friend a smile!At the base of the legs, sketch in five 'claw' shapes – we'll add the feet in the next stage.

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STEP-5: Finish off with a Flourish by Adding the Feet

Our cartoon flamingo is looking suitably stylish, but she's goiong to need some webbed feet before she can go out wading! 

For the next step in how to draw a cartoon flamingo, draw these as in our illustration, remembering to draw the left-hand foot as if seen from the side. No-one really knows why flamingos stand on one leg for long periods of time but we do know that they often stamp their webbed feet to stir up more food in the water.

Finally, add another curved line to the base of the beak – our feathered friend is now ready to make a splash – watch out shrimp!

how to draw a cartoon flamingo st5

STEP-6: Let's get Tickled Pink with Color!

Now that our sketching is finished, it's time to add some vibrant color to our flamboyant cartoon flamingo so she's ready to step out into the water! First of all, take a dark pink pen and draw around the outline of the head, neck and body, before rubbing out any lines you don't need. Use this same color for our feathered friend's eyebrows. 

Next, take the brightest pink pen you have and color in the body – she looks as if she's ready for Mardi Gras! After this, take a black pen and draw around the outline of the beak. Finally, use a dark gray pen and draw around the outline of the legs and feet before coloring in the legs using a lighter shade. 

You did a great job learning how to draw a cartoon flamingo. Our cartoon flamingo is ready to turn heads! Now that you've created another awesome illustration, why not draw some water around her? You could also draw some more flamingos, since these are incredibly sociable birds who just love hanging out in a flock!

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