How to Draw a Cartoon Duck
(the Easy Way)

how to draw a cartoon duck final

Quack quack! It's time to make a splash by learning how to draw a cartoon duck! These comical creatures have been the inspiration for numerous cartoon characters, including Walt Disney's Donald Duck and Warner Bros' Daffy Duck. So, follow our simple steps and you'll soon be spreading your wings and following in their famous webbed footsteps!

how to draw a cartoon duck st1

STEP-1: Taking a Paddle with Some Basic Shapes
The first stage of how to draw a cartoon duck is to sketch out some basic shapes which will form the basis of our fine feathered friend. First of all, draw a kind of teardrop shape for the head, followed by a larger shape that looks a little like a quotation mark. They may not look like much, but you'd be quack-ers not to sketch these out first!

how to draw a cartoon duck st2

STEP-2: Adding some Fabulous Feathers and a Beak
Now we've got the basic shapes of how to draw a cartoon duck sketched out, let's add some more details to help our cute character take shape. Firstly, draw a peaked line for the beak, followed by a curved line underneath.Then, take the plunge and sketch in some jagged tail feathers before drawing a large 'U' shape for the wing. Finally, give our duck cartoon some legs by sketching in the beginnings of the thigh area at the base of the body. We're now ready to create some ripples by bringing our feathered friend to life!

how to draw a cartoon duck st3
STEP-3: Bringing our Feathered Friend to Life with More Details

Are you enjoying how to draw a cartoon duck? Our duck is really starting to take shape, so let's add some more detail so our cute character can really take to the water!At the top of the head, draw a small fin shape to represent feathers, then draw two lines for the eyebrows with small circles underneath for the eyes as in our illustration. Then, draw a large 'U' shape for the base of the beak, followed by some jagged lines at the top of the shape you drew earlier for our cute character's wing. Finally, sketch in two slender legs – we'll add the webbed feet in the next step!

how to draw a cartoon duck st4

STEP-4: Adding Personality to our Cute Character

There's nothing ugly about this duckling! Let's now give some personality to our duck cartoon by finishing off the beak and adding those awesome webbed feet – get ready to waddle!Draw the inside of our feathered friend's beak by drawing some curved lines just like in our illustration. Then, give our cute character a big, open-mouthed smile – ducks really enjoy a good joke and have a quack-ing sense of humor! Next, add some webbed feet –these are really useful when swimming thru the water in search of tasty treats to eat! Draw one foot as if seen from the front and the other as if seen from the side. Awesome! Our duck cartoon now has real character and is ready for a splash of color!

how to draw a cartoon duck st4

STEP-5: It's Time to go Quack-ers With Color!

Now that our drawing is all finished, it's time to add a splash of color to our duck cartoon and complete our epic illustration!Using a dark brown pen, draw around the outline of our fabulous feathered friend's body, then rub out any lines you don't need. Next, take a lighter shade of brown and draw around the outline of the beak before drawing the outline of the legs in gray. Now, take an orange pen and color in the body, leaving the beak and legs for later. Ducks come in a wide variety of different colors and markings – why not experiement with some of your own? For the next step in how to draw a cartoon duck, take a bright yellow pen and color in the top part of the beak before using a black pen to fill in that large, smiling mouth. Finally, take a medium shade of gray and color in the legs before finishing off by filling in the claws with a darker gray. Our duck cartoon is now complete and our cute character is ready to waddle on down to the riverside and join her family and friends.

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