How to Draw a Cartoon Cow
(the Easy Way)

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Let's get mooooo-ving and learn how to draw a cartoon cow! Once you've followed our udder-ly simple steps, you'll soon be leading the herd with your awesome artistic skills!

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STEP-1: Chewing the Cud with some Basic Shapes
Ready to learn how to draw a cartoon cow? To create our cartoon cow, we first need to draw some basic shapes which will form the basis for our farmyard friend. Just tell us if we're 'milking' the cow jokes too much!First of all, draw an irregular box shape on its side for the head, followed by a larger box shape for the body. Now we've got the basics, the rest will be like a stroll in the grass!

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STEP-2: Step 2 – Buttering up our Bovine with Some More Features
Who said learning how to draw a cow cartoon was tricky? Once you've mastered this, you'll soon be churning them out!For the next step, let's add some ears by drawing two upside-down 'V' shapes either side of the head. Then, draw a box shape with a curved top for our cartoon cow's nose. These farmyard friends have in incredible sense of smell and can actually sniff something up to six miles away!

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STEP-3: Getting our Cartoon Cow Spotted by adding more Details

Dairy cows were first brought to America by Christopher Columbus and, since then, have become one of the most commonly domesticated animals. 

There are 1.2 million dairy cows in Wisconsin alone!So, to make our cow cartoon stand out from the herd, let's add some awesome details. First of all, draw two large horns at either side of the top of the head, remembering to make the pointed end nice and sharp. 

For the next step in how to draw a cartoon cow, draw the inner ears and add two large oval shapes for the nostrils. Mooo-ving on, let's add an open mouth just beneath the nose – very useful for chewing the cud. Did you know cows have four stomach compartments to digest all that grass? Now, let's make our cow cartoon instantly recognizable by adding those all-important markings – draw a series of irregular shapes all over the body and head as in our illustration.

how to draw a cartoon cow st4

STEP-4: Be the cream of the crop by adding some finishing touches

Now that your cow cartoon is really coming together, let's give her a personality by adding some 'udder' features. Draw two small circles for the eyes, then add a blade of grass sticking out of her mouth. 

Are you enjoying learnig how to draw a cartoon cow? Cows just love to eat and spend around six hours each day indulging in their favorite pastime and another eight hours chewing the cud. 

Apparently, if humans ate like cows, they would have to consume about 360 cheeseburgers and drink up to 800 glasses of water each day! It's supersize portions down on the farm! Next, add a tail on the right-hand side of the body. It looks a little like a broom don't you think? Well, that's because cows use this to swat away pesky flies and keep themselves clean. The final stage in drawing our cow cartoon is to add four legs and some hooves. Make these short and stumpy and draw two of them as if they're behind the body – this gives our farmyard friend a 3D feel.

how to draw a cartoon cow st4

STEP-5: You'd 'butter' believe it - it's time for some color!

Our cow cartoon is nearly ready to go, but first, it's time to add some color to our farmyard friend!First of all, take a dark brown pen and draw the outline. You can use this same color for the spots and hooves. 

Then, after you've rubbed out any lines you don't need, grab hold of a light tan color for the body and the tip of the tail. Swish! Our illustration is looking awesome! 

Now, use a nice pink pen for the nose then select a green for the blade of grass. Our cow cartoon is complete and you now know how to draw a cartoon cow! Why not try drawing some grass around her? She's sure to need plenty if she wants to produce her daily 5-7 gallons of milk. Remember, the more you practice, the 'butter' you'll be, so see you next time for more cartoon fun!

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