How to Draw a Cartoon Chick
(the Easy Way)

how to draw a cartoon chick final

Why not hatch a plan to learn how to draw a cartoon chick? It's easy if you follow our step-by-step guide and you'll soon be flapping your wings as you impress friends and family with your cracking creative skills!

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STEP-1: Coming out of your Shell with some Basic Shapes
The first part of our lesson in how to draw a cartoon chick is to sketch some basic shapes which we can then build upon to create our feathered lil' friend. Draw a large circle for the head and sketch two small circles for the eyes. The head is drawn slightly in profile, so make the eye on the right smaller than the one on the left. Egg-cellent! Now, draw a 'U' shape at the bottom left of the head – this will form the basis for our chick's wing.

how to draw a cartoon chick st2

STEP-2: Don't Flap, Let's add some more Details!
Now we've got the basic shapes for our cartoon chick, let's add some more features to our feathered friend to make this cute character more recognizable. 

Starting with the head, draw some lines above the eyes to give our chick expression lines.Our baby chicken looks a little angry, don't you think? That's because this particular chick is auditioning for a part in the famous computer game Angry Birds and has to perfect a decent scowl….or, should that be fowl? 

Next, it's time to draw the beak – an essential feature of any cartoon chick. This is basically a triangular shape as in our illustration. Now let's add our feathered friend's body by drawing an irregular circular shape just a little larger than the head. Draw a jagged line like a mountain range at the rear to represent feathers.

how to draw a cartoon chick st3
STEP-3: Giving our Cartoon Chick some Real Character

Our cartoon chick's looking great so far. Now, it's time to add to those details we sketched in the previous step and get cracking so our feathered friend can leave the nest! Remember the beak? Let's finish this off by drawing the bottom part – a line underneath which meets the main beak. 

Our cartoon chick may have wings, but she's also lacking two vital things – her legs. Draw two 'W' shapes at the base of the body, remembering to make these short and stout – these will form the top of our cartoon chick's legs. There – we're almost ready to take flight!

how to draw a cartoon chick st4

STEP-4: Flock Together for the Finishing Touches

Our cartoon chick is almost ready to rock with her flock, but before that, we just need to add some feet to our feathered friend. At the base of the legs you drew in the previous step, sketch in the rest of the legs and two feet, as in our illustration. 

Draw the one as if seen from the front and the other as if seen from the side. Chicks and chickens use their feet or claws for digging up tasty worms or grubs to eat, so these are 'eggs'-tremely useful to our feathered friends!Now, get your colored pens ready as we move into the final stages of our lesson in how to draw a cartoon chick!

how to draw a cartoon chick st4

STEP-5: Get Cracking with some Color

Now that you've finished the drawing of our cartoon chick, it's time to pick up a pen and get busy laying down some color!Use a dark brown for the outline, then rub out any lines you don't need. 

Next, take a bright yellow pen and color in our cartoon chick's body. Take a lighter shade of brown and color in the beak, then a darker one for our feathered friend's legs.

Finally, color in the eyes using a black pen, remembering to leave a small area white to represent highlights. Game, set and hatch! Our cute cartoon chick is now ready to leave the nest and hang out with her flock. 

Now you've learned how to draw a cartoon chick, why not try drawing some more farmyard animals from our series of easy-to-follow lessons?

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