How to Draw a Cartoon Cat
(the Easy Way)

how to draw a cartoon cat final

"Feline" creative? Show off your artistic prowess with this purr-fect drawing of a cat. You'll be the cream of the crop once you've followed our simple step-by-step guide on how to draw a cartoon cat, so get some pencils in your paws and let's get started!

how to draw a cartoon cat st1

STEP-1: Creating our Kitty With Some Basic Shapes
Learning how to draw a cartoon cat is as simple as chasing a ball of wool! First of all, start by drawing two pointed ears (upside-down 'V' shapes) and then draw the rest of the head as in the above illustration. Notice how our drawing already looks like a cat because of these instantly recognizable features?

how to draw a cartoon cat st2

STEP-2: Be the Cat's Whiskers by Adding More Detail
Now you've got the basic shape of our cute kitty, let's start adding some more detail by drawing in the..erm..tail! This is basically a paddle shape, but is very important to our furry friend as it helps them balance and lets you know how they're feeling! Next, draw some large oval shapes with pointed ends for the eyes and then draw an upside-down triangle for the nose.

how to draw a cartoon cat st3
STEP-3: Don't Paws for Thought, Let's Bring our Kitty to Life!

The next stage in learning how to draw a cartoon cat is to add some more of those all-important feline features. First, let's draw the inner ears; cats have an awesome sense of hearing and can hear higher-pitches sounds than humans or their arch rivals, dogs! Poor pooches, guess cats have got the "miaow" factor! 

Once you've done the ears, make the top of the head and the jawline jagged to represent fur. Then, add some detail to the tops of the eyes as in our illustration. Where would a cat be without their paws? Let's add one of them so it looks as if it's raised in the air,perhaps about to chase that ball of wool or grab the bag of catnip!

how to draw a cartoon cat st4

STEP-4: Cool for Cats, Getting Kitty Ready for the Catwalk!

Wow, your lesson in how to draw a cartoon cat is coming along nicely! Our cute kitty will soon be able to make her way down the catwalk alongside other superstars such as Felina Gomez and Kitty Perry! Let's finish off the eyes by drawing two large circles in the middle of each; a cat's pupils respond to light and get bigger or smaller accordingly...purr-fect for the Paparazzi! 

Next, draw two short vertical lines just above the nose and then sketch in the mouth... miaow! Remember the raised paw we drew earlier? Let's now draw in some more of our cute kitty's body by drawing a jagged line for the chest, followed by the other leg, which should look as if it's on the ground.

how to draw a cartoon cat st4

STEP-5: We're Just a Whisker Away From Finishing our Feline Friend

Who've thought learning how to draw a cartoon cat could be so much fun? We just need to add a few more elements now and soon, our cute kitty will be ready to go! Finish off the eyes by drawing two pointed oval shapes in the middle of the circles you drew earlier, it won't surprise you to learn that cats have incredible night vision! 

Now, let's add the rear legs and finish off the paws by drawing two vertical lines on each for the toes. Did you know some cats have six toes? These are often referred to as Hemingway cats, due to the famous author and cat-lover owning one. There, our kitty is almost ready for that catwalk... we just need to choose the purr-fect colors!

how to draw a cartoon cat st4

STEP-6: Coloring in our cartoon cat!
The final stage in learning how to draw a cartoon cat is also the most fun, adding some kitty color! Cats come in many different colors and markings, but we've decided to go for blue on this occasion. Draw the outline in gray, then, after rubbing out any lines you don't need, get your paws on your favorite blue and color in the body. 

Use a black pen for the eyelids, nose and pupils, just remember to leave a small area white on the pupils to represent highlights. Finally, choose your greatest green and color in the rest of kitty's eyes! Wow, we now have a truly fantastic feline who's more than ready for the catwalk. Why not try experimenting with different colors to create your own cool kitty?

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