How to Draw a Cartoon Bat
(the Easy Way)

how to draw a cartoon bat final

Don’t be scared! Despite his sharp fangs and blood red color, this awesome bat is, in fact, a friendly little mammal with all kinds of amazing skills. Learning how to draw a cartoon bat needn’t take you until twilight either – simply follow our simple steps and you’ll be flying in no time! 

Bats have long been associated with vampires and witchcraft, but the reality couldn’t be further from the fiction. Having said that, drawing a bloodsucking bat is kinda cool, so that’s what we’re going to do! Pens at the ready and don’t forget the garlic to ward off any unwelcome fanged friends…

how to draw a cartoon bat st1

STEP-1: The Bat Basics
The first thing we need to do to learn how to draw a cartoon bat is to draw some simple shapes which will form the basis for our brilliant bat. 

Draw two large curved lines with a circle in the middle to represent the wings and head. From here, we can add some more details to really bring our bloodsucker to life!

how to draw a cartoon bat st2

STEP-2: Adding to The Basics
Now that we’ve got our rough outline, let’s start adding some details to help our blood red buddy take shape! At the top of the circle (the head) draw two large ears, remembering to make the ends nice and pointy. 

Isn't learning how to draw a cartoon bat cool! It won’t surprise you to learn that bats have an awesome sense of hearing and communicate with their buddies using ultrasound! 

In fact, a bat’s hearing is so sensitive, it can even hear the sound of a moth flapping its wings! Once you’ve drawn the ears, draw a smile at the base of the head, followed by another curved line beneath for our bat’s small body.

how to draw a cartoon bat st3
STEP-3: Let’s Get Batty about Detail!

The next stage in learning how to draw a cartoon bat is adding some more details, including those all-important wings. Using the large curved lines you drew earlier as your basis, draw a series of curves which meet at sharp points. Remember the Batman symbol?

Keep this in mind and you’ll be doing just fine! Next, draw a small triangular-shaped nose and add some sharp fangs to the mouth. There is a wide variety of bats in the world, some of which eat flowers, fruit, insects and…wait for it…blood! 

However, despite the vampire legends, these blood-sucking bats don’t attack humans – instead, they feed on small mammals such as mice. At the base of body, draw two short legs with an upside-down ‘V’ shape at the bottom to represent claws. There, our brilliant bat buddy is ready to fly!

how to draw a cartoon bat st4

STEP-4: It’s Time to Take Flight with Color!

Our bat is now looking pretty awesome, but we just need to add a few more details before our winged friend can take flight and hang out with his other furry buddies. 

Bats are mammals, but often get confused with mice or other rodents – in fact, in some European languages, the word for bat is ‘flying mouse’! However, make no mistake, these little critters are most definitely not rodents. 

Let’s add some more details to those ears – draw two traingular shapes with a jagged edge to represent fur. 

Next, draw two large eyes – although most bats have poor vision, none of them are actually blind. Instead, they use their awesome sense of hearing to get around. Our flying friend is almost ready for some vivid color! Rub out any lines you don’t need, then select a black pen to draw the outline. 

Once you’ve done this, take your favorite shade of red and color in the body then use a darker shade ofthis color for the inside of the ears and the legs. Color the eyes in black, remembering to leave a small area white for the highlight. Then, you can draw around this highlight area in red to create an awesome looking bat!

We’re done – it’s time to fly off into the night! Now you’ve learned how to draw a cartoon bat and impress your family and friends with your awesome artistic skills, you can experiment by creating more bats in different colors to keep our little buddy company. Have fun!

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