How to Draw a Cartoon Armadillo
(the Easy Way)

how to draw a armadillo final

Get ready for some armor action! Don’t roll yourself up into a ball like this little dude – simply follow our step-by-step guide to learning how to draw a cartoon armadillo. You’ll soon be wowing friends and family with your supreme skills with a pencil!

how to draw a armadillo st1

STEP-1: Coming out of our Shell with some Basic Shapes
The name 'armadillo' means 'little armored one' in Spanish, so to get started on this stylish señor, let's draw a basic shape which will form the basis for our awesome picture. Sketch out a large curve with a jagged edge, as in our illustration. Olé! We’re on our way…

how to draw a armadillo st2

STEP-2: Adding to our Armadillo with more Features
Now our little friend has got his armor, let's continue our lesson in how to draw a cartoon armadillo by adding a few more features to make him more recognizable. On the left-hand side of the shell, draw a small head with a long snout and a big ear – almost like a rabbit's. Then, on the right-hand side, draw a nice curvy tail that meets in a point at the end. Wow – he's taking shape already!

how to draw a armadillo st3
STEP-3: Can You Dig It? Let's add some Claws and other Details

Our little buddy just loves to dig, so the next stage in learning how to draw a cartoon armadillo is to add those all-important claws and give him some eyes.Although armadillos have very large eyes, their eyesight isn't so good. 

Just draw a large circle on the head and there you go – our señor can see! While we're here, let's add another of those rabbit-like ears – simply draw a shape similar to the other one. It's now time to add those crucial claws – armadillos have sharp claws which are ideal for digging, building burrows and foraging for food. Draw these as if seen from the side.

how to draw a armadillo st4

STEP-4: Adding the Armor

The next part of learning how to draw a cartoon armadillo is to add some finishing touches to that amazing armor – after all, this is what protects our little buddy from predators and is vital when rolling themselves into a ball!Following the curve of the body, draw a series of curved vertical lines as in our illustration – you can also add part of this effect to the tail which will really bring our awesome sketch together. Remember the large circle you drew for the eye? Add a smaller circle at the top of this, so our armadillo appears to be looking up – our little buddy now has a personality!

how to draw a armadillo st5

STEP-5: Let's Go Crazy with Color!

Now you've learned how to draw a cartoon armadillo, it's time to really give our drawing the wow factor by adding some color to our stylish armored señor! First of all, select a dark brown color for the outline, then rub out any lines you don't need. 

After this, grab a yellow pen and color in the head and most of the body. You'll notice that in our illustration, the bottom half of our armadillo's body is orange – this represents shadow and gives our little buddy a really 3D appearance. Take your favorite orange pen and do the same on your drawing, taking note of where the shadowed areas are. 

Next, select a lighter brown color for the inside of the ears and the stripes on our armadillo's armor. Again, where the area is in shadow, simply select a darker brown to give depth. We're almost there! Color in the small circle you drew in the eye using a black pen, then take a dark brown color and fill in the feet – our armadillo is ready to dig! We think you'll agree that learning how to draw a cartoon armadillo was worth coming out of your shell for! 

Now you've mastered the art of our armored buddy, why not try drawing some of the surrounding landscape or other armadillo friends for him to go digging with? Adios for now!

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