Figure Drawing Head
Video Course Lesson One

Figure drawing gets a lot easier when you have simple proportion to follow and this course that's exactly what you're going to learn. In the lesson below you'll start exploring the basic proportions of the human head from the front and side. This will give you a good understanding of where the main features of the face should lay and will give you the foundation and understanding that you need to start drawing heads that look great from any position you can imagine.

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What's coming up next?

In the next lesson in this video drawing course you will start to explore drawing the head from different angles. Understanding the basic proportions presented in the video above is essential to move onto the next step in drawing figures. Once you are able to draw the head from different angles we will go on to learning how to shade the head to give it a much more realistic appearance. Finally, we’ll look at the differences in drawing male and female characters as well as drawing people of different ages and how the character’s age can affect proportions.

I really hope you enjoy learning from this course. The time you spend working with these materials will pay back huge rewards in the future, trust me on this. Even just watching this video a few times and going through the study sheets and doing the exercises could completely transform your drawing ability and confidence level. Figure drawing doesn't necessarily have to be hard as long as you have a good guide to follow.

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