Drawing Dogs Step by Step Video

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When you first begin to drawing dogs, it can be difficult to know where to start. Where should you make that initial mark on the paper in front of you, and what should that mark be? Usually, there are tricks that can get you started with ease, and the same is true in regards to drawing dogs. You don't have to be an expert artist to learn how to draw a dog; it's as simple as beginning with a 'cheat', or a few specific lines, and building a style from there.

To draw a dog, you should begin by drawing the number 'six', followed by three lines, fairly close together. This will create the dog's seated body and legs. Atop these lines, you can draw a circle (centered on top of the 6) and an oval to the right of that, connected to the circle. This is the head and snout of the dog. With just these few strokes, you have already created the basic image of a dog. Now, all you have to do is fill in the details.

Start with a pointy ear like a teepee on top of the circle. Then, add a nose on the top right end of the oval. To make the oval appear more snout-like you can add 'wrinkles', short arcs that start at the top of the oval and curve down to create the wrinkly snout. You can also add whiskers if you choose, and follow with a line at the end of the oval, just inside, to create the 'split' that leads down to a dog's mouth.

Your dog's basic profile is complete. Now, you can add fur. Using a zigzag line, trace back over the body to create the look of fur on the dog's back and legs. The zigzag should be more pronounced on the body than on the legs. When you've finished with the fur, you should go ahead and add paws to the feet. You can also add a paw at the bottom right of the number 'six', as the part that curves around is meant to be the bent leg when seated. Add an eye to the profile, and you are done.

When drawing dogs, you have the option to draw a tail or leave it off. You can add cute little details like a collar, and you can practice varying body sizes and shapes.

A fatter, shorter 'six' can be a base for a bull dog, while a tall, skinny 'six' can be transformed into a poodle. You can use the basic drawing and alter certain portions. For instance, you can practice drawing different snouts, which may curve up or be more square, and you can even add a tongue as though the dog were panting.

Drawing dogs is not a complex thing. As drawings done by most beginners, there is simply a method you can use to learn without becoming frustrated either looking at a blank page or never getting the right shape. Once you've gotten down the concept, it's a lot easier to experiment with your own ideas.

drawing dogs step 1
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Please enjoy this step by step video that will show you exactly how I drew the dog above. Grab a pencil and paper and follow along.


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