Want to Learn How to Draw
Step by Step Caricatures?

"How do you draw step by step caricatures" is a question that often comes through to my email box and here’s the answer: Drawing Caricatures like any other subject can be achieved by following a proven formula to create the basic structure and then from there you are free to add your own artistic touch into the picture to create a unique and inspired piece of artwork.

To create a piece of caricature artwork follow these steps:

  • Find a subject to draw and have them sit for you, or draw from a photo.
  • Examine the face and determine which parts of the face should be exaggerated.
  • Begin laying the foundation of your drawing, starting with the basic features, and working loosely and quickly. (Keep reading for more information about this at the bottom)
  • Create the rest of the drawing by making the body and some accessories or props to further develop the personality of the person.

But, How do You Make
Good Looking Caricatures Easily?

Unlike some of the other tutorials that you have probably seen that start with circles and squares, when you draw step by step caricatures the method is a little different. While it is still very easy for anyone to master once you know how to put the parts of the face together, there are some tricky parts that when you draw them incorrectly, the mistakes are glaringly obvious.

So, to create a good likeness you need to change your approach, and learn how to see the face in a different way that incorporates portrait and cartoon, proportion and exaggeration. When you get all of these things working together the results are magic on paper.

This alternate approach must be taken because the face is such a recognizable part of the body that by starting the drawing with simple shapes would not give you the underlying structure that you need.

What I am talking about here is Good-Looking Caricatures…
this isn’t the kind of stuff that you learn in grade school!

Anyone can see the difference between a good and a bad drawing, but what if I told you that I have shown people how to go from bad to good in less than 30 minutes? With an improved view of what you are trying to draw the results that you can achieve will literally blow you away. This process has come about by studying the work of others, as well as developing my own style into an easy to follow system.

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